Tana Mongeau addresses rumors that she’s dating Noah Cyrus – Talks Future Collab And More!

Amid rumors that the married YouTuber is dating Miley Cyrus’ younger sister, Tana Mongeau has made it clear that even if she only has love for Noah, there is nothing romantic between them. Here’s what the controversial influencer had to say about speculation.

In an interview with ET, Tana denied that there was something going on between them, but also admitted that she may have been the one who started the rumor in the first place!

During her participation in the YouTube Streamy Awards, Tana shared with the media that “To be real, I think I may have started the girlfriend thing with a YouTube title. I love being with Noah. There’s something about her, before I even know her, that’s always inspired me. She’s so real, she’s so raw. The way Noah turns her emotions into art and how she cares about mental health, but actually something beautiful, it’s so inspiring to me. And I just like to kick it. ”

She then insisted once again that there was no tea before answering a question about plans to collaborate with Noah in the future.

Tana admitted that she was a big fan of Noah and Miley’s music and that she had greatly inspired them.

“Their lyricism, their melodies, their voices, their authenticity, all that, has always inspired me. Never say never. Noah has inspired a lot of things I have worked on recently. So you never know what’s in store, ”she teased.


Talking about her upcoming music, Tana revealed that she is really emotional and raw and will, among other things, also concern her relationship with her husband Jake Paul.

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