tank "T-80" The Russians approached the Ukrainian front

Russia continues to develop its tanks based on the experience gained by the Russian army during the special military operation in Ukraine.

And the military observer of the First Russian TV Channel Dmitry Kolko reported that the modernized T-80 BVM tanks manufactured by the Omsk Caterpillar Plant in Western Siberia, belonging to the Central Military District of the Russian Army, reached the city of Kremennaya, where combat units of the 4th brigade are stationed.

According to the analyst, modern tanks came to the special forces area directly from the tank assembly line at the plant.

The analyst pointed out that the new tanks were equipped with night vision devices that allow you to monitor the combat situation day and night, and the tank was also equipped with dynamic protection devices protecting the tank’s caterpillar, and a hollow anti-missile network protecting its armored turret. .

In addition, the new tank received modern sights “Pine-or”.

Source: Russian newspaper