Tanker Trackers Website: The oil tanker moved from Iran to Lebanon

The site web Tanker Trackers, who specialize in tracking tankers, said the tanker loaded with direct fuel in Lebanon to supply the electricity grid left Iran today, Thursday.

He added that another tanker loaded with gasoline is expected to move on Friday morning.

The “Hezbollah” militia announced that an Iranian ship loaded with diesel was heading for Lebanon in violation of US sanctions, while former Prime Minister Saad Hariri had put in guard against plunging the country in internal and external conflicts, pointing out that Iranian ships would result in further sanctions with them.

The United Nations has confirmed that the lack of fuel puts thousands of families at risk and threatens the provision of basic sanitation and water, while the Lebanese presidency announced that the United States has informed President Michel Aoun to elaborate a plan that includes Jordan, Syria and Egypt to help his country contain the energy crisis.

Interestingly, due to the impact of the economic collapse, Lebanon has been experiencing an aggravating fuel crisis for months, which is reflected in most of in various industries, including hospitals, bakeries, communications and groceries.

Meanwhile, the Electrité du Liban’s ability to provide nutrition has progressively diminished in recent months, bringing the hours of rationing to over 22 hours a day.

Furthermore, private generators are no longer in able to provide the diesel needed to cover the hours of power outages, forcing them to ration them too, drowning many areas of the country in darkness and also paralyzing many vital sectors.

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