Tariq Ramadan is on trial for rape in Geneva

Tariq Ramadan will be tried next year on rape charges before the Geneva judiciary, in incidents that date back more than 14 years, the Swiss attorney general’s office said on Monday.

“The prosecutor confirms that the indictment has been filed and that Tariq Ramadan has been remanded for trial before the Criminal Court. The defendant will be tried on charges of rape and sexual coercion,” the spokesman for the agency said. office Olivier Franci, confirming the information published by Swiss public television.

In this case, the plaintiff, called dai media “Brigitte,” accuses Tariq Ramadan, now 60, of luring her in a hotel room in Geneva on the evening of 28 October 2008, confirming that she was raped accompanied by beatings and insults.

Brigitte had met Ramadan during an autograph session and then during a conference in September 2008. An intimate exchange of correspondence followed on the social media. On the day of the incident, she was on a Ramadan appointment to drink tea.

For his part, Ramadan’s lawyer Gorik Canonica told AFP on Monday that “the public prosecution has contented itself with copying the complaint without including anything that might disqualify it. It will be up to the judges to fully acquit Ramadan. We quietly await the trial .”

The actor filed a complaint with the Geneva judiciary in April 2018. The prosecutor opened an investigation in the same year.

The victim’s lawyer, Francois Zimray, said: “My client has had this procedure done and she is worried. She does not feel the desire for revenge, but she feels relieved and now she is regaining faith in the institutions,” noting that the verdict will be released. in the first half of 2023.

The investigation proceeded slowly because it was not possible to question Ramadan, who was there in a preventive prison in Paris on other charges of rape. After his release in November 2018, he was subjected to judicial control, which prevented him from leaving France. So the prosecutor had to get the approval of the French judicial authorities to hear his statement in Paris.

This measure was later partially lifted, allowing Ramadan to attend witness hearings in 2020 in Geneva.

Ramadan’s lawyers, who filed charges against “Brigitte” for “slander”, indicated that they had met with the woman, but refrained from entering in relationship with her.

And in Paris, last July, the prosecutor’s office asked that Tariq Ramadan be tried for the rape of four women, allegedly committed between 2009 and 2016. But in August, his lawyers asked for the directives to be suspended, until the Court of The appeal did not rule on the expert reports which concluded with “effect”. Ramadan on the four plaintiffs.

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