Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn – In their “perfect” novel and how they make it last!

Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn are very happy and in love, which is why they obviously want their relationship to last forever! That’s not to say it’s easy to keep things as perfect as they are right now.

Apparently the two go to great lengths to make sure things don’t fall apart and that they both end up heartbroken.

Lately, Taylor and Joe have appeared in public places together much more than usual.

However, that doesn’t mean they plan to pack a serious PDA anytime soon or act too affectionate at red carpet events.

An insider explains via HollywoodLife that they have set serious limits to make sure their romance lasts.

“Taylor knows that once they start making official appearances on the red carpet, the focus on their relationship will only increase – and that is the last thing she wants. She and Joe are both on the same page when it comes to keeping their relationship as private as possible, “said the source.

It makes sense! After all, the fans were only able to see very little torque together.

The two like to keep it a secret and that’s one of the things that makes Taylor’s relationship with him so different since she was previously involved in a number of high profile public romances.

This time, she keeps their relationship private, but that does not mean that she is not ready to be inspired by it for her art.

Taylor already released the song ‘Lover’, the lyrics of which speak of her and Joe.


The source added that they are “very in love and things are going well, they will continue to avoid drawing attention to their relationship because they both want it to last. Taylor’s life is going a mile a minute right now, but the only constant is Joe. There is just no drama between them and she is never worried as she was in her previous relationships. There may be other things going on in his life, but as far as Joe is concerned, it’s all kinds of perfect things. “

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