Taylor Swift won’t be disappointed if she doesn’t win a Golden Globe – here’s why!

Of course, Taylor Swift would like to win a Golden Globe! Who wouldn’t? However, that doesn’t mean the singer would be too disappointed if other big names in the industry like Elton John or Beyonce came home with the price for the best original song instead.

As you may know, the awards ceremony will take place tomorrow January 5 and if Taylor really wins, it will be his very first Golden Globe!

She is nominated in the Best Original Song category for “Beautiful Ghosts” and even though she has many Grammy Awards under her name, winning a Golden Globe would be a huge accomplishment and an honor since she has never made it before.

Taylor co-wrote the ballad with Andrew Lloyd Webber, the creator of the Broadway Cats, for the film version of the musical, in which Taylor also plays.

Although the film received horrible reviews, the music is still considered top notch!

But as she confronts other talented superstars such as Beyonce and Elton John, an insider report says that Taylor is impatiently waiting for the awards, wins or loses!

A source told HollywoodLife that “Taylor would love to win [at the Globes] but it wouldn’t make or break her night, she would have a good time anyway. She deeply admires all the artists nominated by her side, but her love for Beyonce is of a higher level. She will be the first to stand up and clap if Beyonce wins. “

Speaking of Queen Bey, she is nominated in the same category for her song, ‘Spirit’, from the soundtrack of the Lion King remake.


Although she has never won before, Taylor has been nominated twice before, once for “Safe and Sound” by The Hunger Games in 2012 and the following year for “Sweeter Than Fiction” by One Chance.

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