TCI Sanmar in Arab: 1.5 Our investments in Egypt

TCI Sanmar Executive Vice President said: For chemicals “P J Sonder, in an interview with Al Arabiya All investments of the company in Egypt amounted to 1.5 billion dollars.

He revealed that there are plans to invest $ 400 million in the construction Two power plants in Egypt and the creation of a charging station.

He explained that these investments are India’s largest investment in Egypt. Expressing its aspiration to pump more investment into the Egyptian market, which is experiencing significant growth in the industry.

He referred to the growth and high demand in both the local and global market, considering that the impact of the increase in international prices has been very limited because we receive strong logistical support from the parent group in India.

He reviewed the company’s plans to create a loading and unloading station for raw ethanol and we entered into agreements with the government on this.

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