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Team up with a Friend in Wargroove: Double Trouble, a Free Expansion Available Now on Xbox


We’re beginning 2020 off with a bang– our enormous free material expansion, Wargroove: Double Trouble, is available on the Microsoft Store today!

If you have not become aware of Wargroove currently, it’s a turn-based method game for up to 4 players, where you’ll wage war on opposing factions, utilizing your unique ‘groove’ ability to sway the battle in your favor. You can likewise develop and share your really own maps, cut-scenes and campaign stories with user friendly editors and in- depth personalization tools, or difficulty good friends to fight online.

Today’s big upgrade, Wargroove: Double Trouble, is developed with co-op play in mind, including a entire brand-new story campaign that presents never ever previously seen Leaders to the naughty Hooligan faction; the magnificent Wulfar, his nuisance twins Errol and Orla, along with the maleficent Vesper. After some serious ransom and an unforeseen kidnapping needs, your group of rogues have no option however to carry out the most significant break-in that Aurania has actually ever seen …

We understood that we wished to broaden upon.
Wargroove’s story and develop some brand-new characters, however a real centerpiece for us.
was the regional co-op gameplay component. As a studio we constantly truly taken pleasure in.
playing Wargroove together, so developing a much shorter campaign that might be played.
sofa co-op felt like a no-brainer.

At first we adoringly nicknamed Double Trouble, ‘Wargroove 2’ as it was such a comprehensive piece of material for players to experience and took control of a year to finish, however eventually we chose to launch the expansion as a free material upgrade to return to a neighborhood who had actually supported us from the very start, and made advancement a satisfyingexperience


Here’s a fast wrap-up of what else you can.
anticipate from the upgrade:

  • Brand name brand-new co-op story campaign (can be played sofa co-op, online co-op or perhaps solo)
  • 3 brand-new roguish leaders
  • Brand-new game objectives
  • Competitive online fast play maps
  • And much more!

It’s been a enjoyment working on Wargroove these past couple of years– thanks in no little part to our exceptionally enthusiastic neighborhood who have actually been motivating throughout advancement and beyond. Both Wargroove and Wargroove: Double Trouble are playable in 11 languages and the upgrade is available to download as a material spot today!



Get it now.
Require to the battleground with Wargroove, a method game for up to 4 players! Pick your Leader and wage turn-based war on fighting factions. Style and share projects, cut-scenes and maps with user friendly editors and in- depth personalizationtools

Now with a free, brand-new material upgrade– Wargroove: Double Trouble!

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