Tech: Samsung says cyber attack caused no personal data breach

Seoul, March 7 (IANS) Samsung Electronics said on Monday that a recent cyber-attack by a hacking group on its system did not cause major harm to its business and customers.

In a statement posted on the company’s internal forum, Samsung said no personal information of its customers and employees was stolen and there will be no impact on its business operation.

“There has been no personal data breach, although leaked information includes some source codes necessary to run the Galaxy phones,” Samsung said, without elaborating further.

On Saturday, South American hacking group Lapsus$ claimed it successfully hacked the tech giant’s system and obtained confidential data, including various source code related to authentication features, among others.

It claimed it leaked up to 190 gigabytes of stolen data online, available for download via torrent, reports Yonhap news agency.

The tech giant said it stepped up its security system to protect information as soon as it learned of the attempted hacking attack.

“We are looking for every means to stop additional data breach and protect employees and customers. We sincerely apologise for causing concerns,” it said.

Meanwhile, Samsung has suspended shipments of all of its products to Russia.

“Due to the current geopolitical developments, shipments to Russia have been suspended,” reads a statement from an unnamed Samsung representative.

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