Teenager Passes Away During Shooting At Washington, D.C. Cookout

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A big event in D.C. ended up in a teenager being eliminated and 21 people being shot.

According to CBS, someone opened fire at a cookout on August 8 in Washington, D.C. A17- year- old called Christopher Brown was fatally shot. An off-duty police officer was similarly shot and she is obviously “struggling for her life today, ” DC Cops Chief Peter Newsham stated.


NBC reports,.

” Over100 rounds were fired by what cops think to be at least 4 shooters at the scene. One weapon has been recuperated.”

Authorities are browsing for the suspects however it is not clear why the shooting started. There were obviously “hundreds of individuals” at the D.C. cookout.

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Chief Newsham specified at an interview Sunday that he wants to stop big events, especially in the time of COVID-19, “Nobody can forecast that a shooting like this is going to take place at an event like this, however we can’t have these big events in the city.”

Newsham continued, “Preliminarily there were authorities officers on the scene.

There was no license for the event, despite the fact that Washington D.C. needs a permission for events of 50 ormore Newsham states polices attempted to separate the event nevertheless were unable to due to the crowd size.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser specified, “It is extremely essential that as a neighborhood we have zero tolerance for this activity.”

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