Tekashi 69 gets the deal from his assault case – The reason here is

It has just been revealed that young rapper Tekashi 69 has good things ahead for him. He seems to have a lesser concern these days while he is in jail.

The Shade Room has just revealed that prosecutors had decided to reject his aggression case for “interesting” reasons.

TSR cites TMZ’s information and notes that “the State of Texas has requested that Tekashi’s assault charges be dismissed. The charges stem from an alleged altercation in 2018, in which Tekashi allegedly attacked a young man in a shopping center. “

TSR continued: “Apparently, the state wanted the Tekashi case to be dropped, prosecutors fearing to transfer him to Texas is a” security risk. “

Someone said, “They’ll pick him up when he gets out anyway,” and another post follower: “I still think he’s going to get killed, his son is not safe, whatever he is coming.”

A commentator wrote: “Imagine that it’s the only thing that will affect his safety, this man is the rainbow clouds”

One follower wrote: “You love crying, he’s a snitch, but he would have sung for a fucking Popeyes chicken sandwich if you were in his situation”

Someone said, “So he beat someone and the state gave up the charge for his safety? Am I reading well? I know it’s early. “

Another commentator wrote, “Everyone is really happy, I doubt that anyone will do anything to this boy.”

An Instagrammer said: “Keep on babbling, you’ll be home in no time”

The other day, it was reported that Tekashi’s 69 girlfriend, Jade, had talked about his imprisoned man.


She basically said that 2019 had died without him, and she defended him against all critics and critics.

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