Tekashi 69’s baby mom Sara Molina and her friend Jade hit social media for Christmas

The last conviction of Tekashi 69 is two years behind bars, as previously reported. It has also been revealed that the young rapper will have to enter a mental health facility after his release from prison.

While tekashi spends the winter holidays locked up, his mom mom, Sara Molina, and his current GF Jade are practically paws on social networks.

Sara slammed Jade after GF from Tekashi 69 posted something about baby moms. It was a message that said “baby mothers” only have children to keep a man close, while real mothers have children and focus on them, not their father’s life.

Sara responded and criticized Jade on social media, as you will see below.

Someone commented, “They both realize the guy is in prison ??? As they argue over someone who literally can’t drop soap for more than a few months … ???????????? ’

Another follower said, “I agree with Sara on how he takes care of another child who is not even hers, but not hers, who is so mad at him.”

A subscriber posted this: “Someone didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas”.

One person thinks that “the girlfriend had nothing to do with shooting anyone. If my man is a rat. I’m going to sit down and eat my cheese until it’s time to get out of our hole. I hate it when girlfriends come for baby moms and I don’t even have kids! “

Someone else said, “Daughter let go of this evil and be a mother and do what you have to do for YOUR daughter.”


Apart from that, Jade also published a video in which she showed the gift she had received for Christmas from Tekashi 69.

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