Tekashi 69’s baby mom Sara Molina slaps him after the final verdict: “He thinks he’s a prophet of God!”

As you probably already know, Tekashi 69 did not go free after the trial. The latest conviction was 24 months in prison and five years on probation.

Her mom mom, Sara Molina, jumped online and made a video in which she told what had happened.

As expected, she continued to slam the young rapper as you will see below:

People have not shown support for Sara for a very long time.

Someone said, “She knew going live today was going to have an influence,” and someone else responded to something Sara said in the video: “She said if normal “he went to hit me in the face” “.

Another speaker said, “If it’s so terrible, why don’t you just go on with your life and deny it exists?”

Someone else posted this, alluding to the fact that Tekashi accused Sara of sleeping with his manager: “When she doesn’t talk about the fact that Tekashi mentioned in court today that Shotti was beating?”

Another disciple wrote: “I pray that anyone in a dark, depressed or wanting place to give up will know that he is loved and I believe in him! He has a plan! ???????? ???? »

One speaker said, “If you are reading this, I wish you much health and success in 2020.”

One person posted this: “If she doesn’t care, why even go on social media and advertise it? People can’t do anything without posting it ???? “

Someone else also criticized Sara and wrote, “The only reason she is known is because of him. Do you all want to be known for something other than riding the tail of a rapper’s coat? I mean honestly my brother. “


More and more fans are wondering how his current friend Jade is doing these days after finding out that his boo will not be released now.

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