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Tel Aviv reveals that it has thwarted an Iranian attempt to hit Israeli targets in Turkey


THE media Israelis confirmed that Israeli security is working to thwart an Iranian retaliatory strike in Turkey.

According to Israel’s “Channel 13”, this warning comes in light of reports of Israel’s involvement in the killing of senior Iranian scientists and officials.

And the channel confirmed in a report yesterday, Saturday, which “the (Israeli) security establishment points out in particular that the travel notice to Turkey is still in force”.

He added: “The fears stem from the fact that the Iranians are determined to take revenge in response to the murders attributed to Israel, some of which are attributed to the Israeli Mossad. “

He said Tehran has in program to “target Israeli tourists overseas in light of their failure to reach Israeli senior officials and personalities.”

And the channel continued: “The Turkish intelligence services are helping Israel to counter the Iranian attack on Turkish territory.”

In turn, the Jerusalem Post newspaper said today Sunday that Israeli security forces have already thwarted attempts to target Israeli targets. in Turkey.

The newspaper reported that Israeli security officials informed their Turkish counterparts of their intentions to launch attacks on Israelis on Turkish soil and asked them to help counter the attacks.

The newspaper said these attacks were planned by an operating Iranian network in Turkey.

Iran recently witnessed a series of suspicious killings and the deaths of prominent scientists and military leaders, behind which Tehran has accused Israel of being.

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