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Temperatures record in France and Spain

The extreme and early heat wave that hit France, settling record On Saturday, it is heading east of the country on Sunday, where the temperature could reach 38 degrees Celsius.

Spain, which is facing an unusual heat wave in this time of year, it is witnessing a huge fire that the fire crews are trying to control. In France, the red and orange alert has reached about three quarters of the country’s population, or 45 million people.

Instead, local rains are expected on the Atlantic front of the country, which will lead to a drop in temperatures on Sunday evening, which will allow “the heat wave to gradually decrease and continue only in the eastern part of the country,” according to the Meteorological Department. On Saturday evening, strong and unexpected winds blew up in air the coast of Normandy, killing a surfer. While temperatures are dropping in the west of the country, heat continues in northeastern France, in particularly in the Alsace region, where forecasters expect a record of 38 degrees Celsius.

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42.9 ° C in Biarritz

And the south-west of the country witnessed a rise in temperature on Saturday, recording “42 to 43 degrees Celsius” in the South-Aquitaine region, according to “France Meteo,” the French meteorological service. The same source explained that “they have been registered record absolute “with 42.9 degrees Celsius in Biarritz, 2.3 degrees in more than the previous level record registered in 2003. Sports and cultural events and celebrations have been canceled.

In some cities, museums have welcomed visitors in escape from the heat. In Bordeaux, in the southwest of the country, where the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius, museums opened their doors for free. In Paris, at the Tahrir Museum, 70-year-old Belgian tourist Sonia De Mans, who came with her daughter, said she would rather “visit a museum” rather than go up the Montmartre hill as planned. In the French capital, parks and gardens have opened their doors all night.

In the south-east of the country, a fire caused by artillery fire broke out in a large training ground for the French army and has covered some 600 hectares of vegetation, but firefighters are about to check it out. Scientists believe that the proliferation of heat waves in Europe is a direct consequence of global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions exacerbate the strength, duration and frequency of recurring heat waves.

The wave of current came from Morocco via the Iberian Peninsula.

In Spain, firefighters continued to fight several fires in the country on Saturday, the last day of the heat wave, one of which swept around 20,000 hectares, while the temperature reached 43 degrees Celsius. The largest of these fires broke out in the Sierra de la Culebra mountain range in the Castilla-e-Leon region in the north-west of the country, near the border with Portugal. Saturday afternoon it was still raging and covered about 20 thousand hectares. Eleven municipalities with hundreds of residents were evacuated due to the threat of fire, which also led to the closure of the national road and the express train line between Madrid and Galicia in the north-west of the country. The Spanish fire brigades continue to fight several fires in Catalonia and the Navarre region.


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