Ten women and girls are killed every day in Mexico, Amnesty Report says | global development

At least 10 women and girls are killed every day in Mexico, according to a new report that says families of victims are often left to wear out their own murder investigations.

The damning report, released on Monday by Amnesty International, documents both the scale of the violence and the disturbing lack of interest on the part of Mexican authorities to prevent of solve the murders.

“Mexico stays fail to fulfill her duty to investigate and that is why it is duty until guarantee the right to life and personal integrity of the victims and to prevent violence against women” says the report, justice on Process.

“Female-killing violence and its shortcomings” in research and prevention in Northern Mexico are not anecdotal, but rather part of it of a wider reality in the country,” the report said adds.

Femicide is widespread in Mexico for decades – most infamous in an epidemic of murder die life demanded of about 400 women in the border city Ciudad Juarez in the nineties. In recent years, a growing feminist movement has held massively street protests against the violence, but the authorities have been unwilling to take action to killing.

“It’s always a question of political will,” said Maricruz Ocampo, a women’s activist in the state of Queretaro.

Ocampo has been part of teams lobbying state governors to issue a warning when femicides reach outrageously high levels – a move raising awareness and mobilizing resources. But officials often resist such moves, she said, as governors worry over their state’s image and investment.

“They refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem,” she said.

The president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has also downplayed the problem. He branded the women protest on March 8, International Women’s Day, as “conservatives” and claimed to have a dark hand die manipulated the demonstrations.

When requested last year as regards rising violence against women, he replied: “Tell all” women of Mexico that they are protected and represented, that we do everything we can possible until guarantee rest and that I understand that our adversaries are looking for ways to confront us.”

Mexico has recorded the murders of 3.723 women in 2020. Some 940 of die murders were investigated as femicides.

The Amnesty report focused on on Mexico state, an extensive collection of sandy suburbs around Mexico City on three sides. It has become infamous for femicides over the past decade – and for the way the former President, Enrique Peña Nieto, a former Governor of the Mexican state, ignored the problem.

The report found cases of families die to wear out their own detective work, die were ignored by the researchers. In many cases, authorities infect crime scenes of mishandled evidence. They often didn’t even track leads like geolocation information of victims’ mobile Phones.

In the case of Julia Sosa, whose children believe she was murdered by her partner, two daughters found her body to bury on the suspect property – but had to wait hours for police to arrive and process the crime scene. An of her daughters remembered the subsequent interview process, in in which “the police officer in fell asleep”.

Sosa’s partner hanged himself, prompting the police to close the case, even though family members said there were more leads to prosecution.

Widespread in states with Violence by drug cartels, activists say of femicides are not investigated because impunity is the order of the day.

“The authorities say it is organized crime and that’s it,” said Yolotzin Jaimes, a women’s rights champion in the southern state of Guerrero. “A lot of of find these aggressors protection under the excuse of organized crime.”

the persistence of femicides state in stark contrast met the recent gains of the women’s movement in Mexico. The country’s Supreme Court decriminalized abortion earlier this month. AN new Congress recently sworn in in has gender equality and seven female governors will be installed by the end of year – up by just two earlier last June elections

the decriminalization of abortion “late off some steam” from the pressure die drives the protests “because partly of the requirements were: over the right to choose,” said Ocampo. “But when it comes to violence, we still see it everywhere.”

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