tens of thousands protest the tougher COVID-19 in Belgium rules

BRUSSELS (AP) — Ten of thousands of people demonstrated by the center of Brussels on Sunday to protest strengthened COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Belgian government counter latest spike in coronavirus cases.

Many among the police estimate of 35,000 on the rally had already left for home when the demonstration in violence ended as several hundred people started pelting the police, auto’s in store and trash cans in to set fire. police replied: with tear gas and water cannons and tried to restore order as dusk fell on the Belgian capital.

“We have injuries, but we can’t say that yet” how many”, says police spokesman Ilse Vande Keere. It was also not clear how a lot of people were detained.

Earlier, demonstrators came to protest against the government’s strong advice to get vaccinated and any possible moves mandatory shots.

Shouting “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” and singing of the anti-fascist song “Bella Ciao”, protested in a row up behind a big banner met the text ‘Together for Freedom” and marched to the headquarters of the European Union. Amid the crowd, signs ranged from far-right insignia to the rainbow flags of the LGBT community.

The World Health Organization said: last week that Europe was the hotspot of the pandemic at the moment, the only region in which COVID-19 deaths were rising. The autumn wave of infections are overwhelming hospitals in many Central and Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

About the past There have been many anti-vaccination marches for several days in European nations if one government after stricter measures. Dutch police arrested more than 30 people during unrest in The Hague and other cities in The Netherlands on Saturday, after much worse violence from the previous night.

Austria goes a 10-day in national Lockdown on Monday for all of to be people, na first impose a lockdown on the unvaccinated. christmas markets in Vienna was full on Sunday? with take both locals and tourists? in the holiday sights earlier shops and food stalls had to close.


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