Tension in Tripoli after the shooting of Sheikh Bilal Duqmaq

The situation became tense this Friday evening in the city of Tripoli, in the far north of Lebanon, 80 kilometers from Beirut, after a Lebanese army soldier shot Sheikh Bilal Duqmaq, his wife, son and brother, and are been transferred in hospital. His doctors found a serious injury between them, while the rest of the cases are stable.

There were previous forms of passability, which occurred between Duqmaq and military Nasser Baroudi, and then renewed when the sheikh and his family passed through the “Abi Samra” area of ​​the city, so Baroudi stood up and shot the four, according to as summarized by “Al Arabiya.net”what reported by media Little information about Dummaq was mentioned, other than a video showing confusion at the crash site after the shooter fled to an unknown destination.

Sheikh Duqmaq, founder of the Iqra Association in the nineties of the last century, was one of the defenders of the controversial Sheikh, Ahmed Al-Asir, and with him he gathered several meetings, and the Public Security Service had previously arrested him at the airport of Beirut on his return from Turkey due to an arrest warrant issued against him The Lebanese judiciary, against the backdrop of his possession of a weapons warehouse, was found in his father’s home in the Abi Samra area, and as he did not respond in the presence, the quote has become in default against him.

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