Tensions between the US and China are rising new fears of threat to Taiwan

“We should think of China’s approach to Taiwan not as a split decision between war and peace, but instead a continuous pressure campaign that can take various deadly and non-lethal forms,” said Eric Sayers, an expert in Asia-Pacific Security policy at the American Enterprise Institute.

“Beijing can turn this pressure around” up of down as it chooses, but it always happens in a sustained way to the goal of reunion.”

Three years later former President Donald Trump launched his trade war with China, there are indications that the administration of President Joe Biden is continuing its confrontational approach to the bilateral relationship as he gathers Western and regional allies out Beijing for it’s swearing of international standards.

The recent events come on the heels of a historic security pact between the US, UK and Australia over Canberra with the technology until build nuclear-powered submarines, a deal die is seen as an attempt to counter China’s growing influence in the region.

And in September, the leaders of the four nations die to make up the informal “Quad” group – the US, Japan, India and Australia – reiterated their commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific die “not deterred by coercion”, a careful statement die indirectly aimed at Beijing.

“[T]hinges go bad for Beijing at the political level,” said Elbridge Colby, a former Trump Pentagon official who is now director of the Marathon Initiative think tank. “Instead, they may decide to… just use their increasing military ability.”

Flights to Taiwan air defense identification zone increased from 38 per day on Friday to 52 on Monday.

The four-day barrage of sorties by fighters, bombers and surveillance aircraft would in may have been intended in the first place for domestic consumption, as they started on National Day of China of October 1 is Taiwan’s own national holiday on October 10.

“This is definitely a great opportunity to remind Taiwan of it is correct place in the world, in die from Beijing view”, says Dean Cheng, an expert on Chinese military opportunities at the Heritage Foundation. He noted that flying dozens of planes a day near the island forces the much smaller Taiwanese air force respond.

Beijing criticized the US over the weekend for sailing warships in international waters in the region and for Sell ​​Taiwan new weapons. But since China has “no previous” record of respond to American of allied warships die sailing through the Taiwan Strait with raids of this magnitude, this suggests something else is going on onsaid Adrian Ang, research fellow at S. Rajaratnam School in Singapore of International studies.

Most likely the flights are a “nationalist” show of force of harassment of Taiwan on the opportunity of National Day of China on October 1 of possibly even extending to the ‘golden week’ holiday for propaganda purposes,” he said added.

The raids are nothing new, even if the size and frequency of the sorties have grown. China has already doubled the number of times it has its fighter planes in flown to Taiwan air defense identification zone this year over 2020, reaching the 667 on Monday. In 2020 there were 380 such flights.

Taiwanese air defense identification zone, die is declared unilaterally for reasons of military air defense, extends far beyond his national airspace. A handfull of countries over the whole world have their own self-proclaimed air identification zones.

“This is the . become new normal in the Taiwan Strait, this is a part of the training for the PLA air force, and the navy air assets too,” said Bonnie Glaser, director of the Asia program at the German Marshall Fund.

Chinese President Xi Jinping “emphasizes PLA’s willingness to” fight tonight,” Glaser said. “He puts emphasis on training in An way that has not been emphasized before,” so bigger and more ambitious sorties can be a reality that the region will have to deal with.

But officials are concerned die Chinese military action targeting Taiwan could eventually pull in the US, as well as possibly the UK and the Pacific, such as Australia and Japan. Washington’s position on of it would defend Taiwan? in the event of An invasion is met intentionally ambiguous, but the Biden administration has strongly signaled that support of Taipei with arms sales and high-level meetings.

In a statement late Monday, the Pentagon said the United States “concernedby China’s “provocative” military activity” around Taiwan, which is “destabilizing, at risk of miscalculation and undermining regional peace and stability”.

“We urge Beijing to stop met to be” military, diplomatic and economic pressure and coercion against Taiwan,” said spokesman Lt. Col. Martin Meiners. “The US commitment to Taiwan is rock solid and contributes to the maintenance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and within the region.”

The statement reflects what the White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Monday, promising that the US will “continue to help Taiwan” in ensure sufficient self-reliance defense capability.”

Military officials have also recently raised the alarm over a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in the next five of six year, as well as Beijing’s growth military power, including rapidly increasing numbers of naval vessels and nuclear weapons.

“Taiwan is clear one of their ambitions before [2050]Retired Admiral Phil Davidson, then Commander of US Indo-Pacific Command, told the Senate: in March. “And I think the threat will manifest itself in this decade, in fact in the next six year.”

At the moment, Beijing is probably trying to wear down The Defense of Taiwan by His . to force air force to repeatedly respond to the provocations, Colby said, while simultaneously dulling his alertness to a potential attack.

“She spend a lot of time and money and effort clambering to face these provocations, and at some point, people say, ‘Oh, this is normal,’ said Colby.

But die from China latest actions in the direction of Taiwan also expose its political weakness, Sayers said, pointing to the deeper unofficial relationship between Taipei and Washington as “a further blow to Beijing’s plans to isolate Taiwan.”

The latest round of Chinese incursions began Friday, when 38 fighter jets… air defense identification zone, followed by another 39 aircraft on Saturday, to Monday the largest Chinese outage to the area to date.

On weekends, US and UK also did what muscle-bow in the Philippine Sea off Okinawa, with three aircraft carriers passing by with their destroyer escorts die maneuver together in an important show of force.

The USS Ronald Reagan, die returned to Japan from his deployment in the Middle East, worked together up with the USS Carl Vinson and HMS Queen Elizabeth, accompanied by other warships from Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Canada.

The Vinson and Queen Elizabeth broke up off on Tuesday and pushed in the South China Sea. Both ships sail air wings of F-35 fighters, with US Navy Aircraft operating aboard the British ship. The Vinson is the first US airline to in to put with the fifth generation fighter.

The US Navy has made an average transit of the Taiwan Strait – the narrow waterway between the island and mainland China – once a month under Biden’s administration. The nine freedomof-navigation transits so far in 2021 comes after 15 transits in 2020. There were just nine transits in 2019.

In many ways, the radical increase in the size and pace of Chinese flights in near Taiwan can just be the cost of growing military competition between China and the US and its allies.

“I think it’s destabilizing and it increases the risk of an accident, but it’s not illegal,” said Glaser of the German Marshall Fund.

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