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Tensions rise … North Korea launches the fourth missile today

The South Korean military said Thursday that North Korea had launched an “unidentified ballistic missile,” hours after South Korea said it would extend joint air exercises with the United States in the face of Pyongyang’s provocations.

“North Korea launches an unspecified ballistic missile,” the Joint Chiefs said of Seoul staff, after a series of other launches on Thursday, including an ICBM that Seoul said appeared to have failed.

In turn, Japan has confirmed that North Korea has launched at least one other missile in sea, bringing the total number of missiles launched today from Pyongyang to at least four.

Thursday night’s launch came an hour after Pyongyang threatened to respond to the South Korean and US military’s decision to extend joint air exercises. in response to the intensified activities of test nuclear and missile systems in the North.

The Japanese Prime Minister’s office said the missile was suspected of being ballistic, but did not provide details.

On Thursday, North Korea launched in sea ​​an ICBM and two short-range missiles, as well as several recent ones test on weapons.

THE test on intercontinental ballistic missiles triggered an evacuation alarm and stopped trains in northern Japan.

For its part, North Korea criticized the US and South Korea’s decision to extend joint air exercises on Thursday. in course, which he called “Wake Storm”, describing it as a “wrong choice”, according to i media government in Pyongyang.

Pak Jong Chun, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, said in a statement released by the official KCNA news agency that extending the exercises was a “very dangerous and wrong choice”.

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