Teresa Giudice Reveals She Found Joe’s Secret Phone With Only A Woman’s Number On It– Here’s What Happened When She Confronted The ‘Mistress!’

Teresa and Joe Giudice are no longer a product and now, the RHONJ star exposed how she captured her partner unfaithful on her years back! As it ends up, she found his second phone, allegedly utilized to communicate with his girlfriend, and when she confronted her and Joe, they were full of reasons.

The information of this past event were exposed throughout a brand-new episode of the Real Homemakers of New Jersey.

That being stated, one scene has Teresa dishing that ‘He had a different cellular phone with one woman … I found it! When Gia [who is now 19] was 3 years of ages[I found it] He simply stated that it was to speak with this one individual due to the fact that they matured together.’

She discussed the name however it was censored to safeguard her identity however Teresa’s youth pal Dolores Catania understood all too well who she was talking about and even stated that the female went out with her former partner, Frank!

‘She gets around, yeah,’ Teresa kept in mind about the supposed secret girlfriend.

The reality TELEVISION star even exposed that, eventually, she was captured on electronic camera with Joe in public and hinted that she may be an individual fitness instructor.

‘When he was featured with that girl — in one of the magazines — she was training me at the time, too! So it is someone he knew, and he sort of grow up with her too — so, I mean. Listen, I had no proof but I was like, ‘why are you talking to her like that? why do you have another phone talking to her?’’

Then, Teresa remembered facing the female and how she rejected it.

However due to the fact that in the end, she had no concrete evidence, she simply ‘got over it.’


Now, nevertheless, years later on when she and Joe are apart, she reflected to the event and might not feel however assist like the second phone with only one number was evidence enough.

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