Terras will look for the rest of the gas in the North Sea and depend on it "cracking" To make it available in the UK

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, currently vying for leadership of the ruling Conservative Party and prime minister, has backed the idea of ​​shale gas amid her country’s looming energy crisis.

“My energetic responses include permission to use microfracturing. We must allow hydraulic fracturing where the community supports it,” Truss said at a meeting with party members.

They confirmed that they are ready to prepare a draft law in a short time, allowing the resumption of shale gas production by hydraulic fracturing.

“I will also make sure that all the gas in the North Sea has already been used to provide our domestic energy supply. I will be more actively promoting the projects of nuclear power plants, including large and small ones,” the minister added.

In March, the Daily Telegraph reported on then Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s desire to return to the practice of hydraulic fracturing, which has been largely banned in the UK for the past two years.

This method is commonly of concern to environmentalists because of the potential for microbursts underground and the risk of chemical contamination of drinking water sources.

Source: TASS