Terrible video: train massacre in Pakistan kills 35 people

South Pakistan awoke on Monday after a tragic accident in which 35 people were killed in a crash between two trains.

A police officer said that die Injured people were taken to hospital as it is expected that die Death toll due to the presence of vehicles will increase die die Emergency services have not yet reached.

He added that die Rescue workers visit the accident site in the Khotki region in the province of Sindh despite hours.


For his part, a Pakistani railway official said that the train coming from Karachi in Derailed near Daharki in northern Sindh Province and caught another train in die opposite direction collided.

“Several people were killed and many others are still trapped,” he told the AFP news agency, stressing that ambulance teams were active on the ground.

Images captured by cell phones showed wrecked metal, several overturned green locomotives, and bodies on the ground while some passengers jogged.

It is noteworthy that it in Pakistan often comes to train accidents where the extensive rail network and die Trains still date from the British colonial era.

The network, which is thousands of kilometers long, was damaged for decades due to corruption, mismanagement and a lack of investment in neglected this area.

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