Terrifier 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

In the third movie in the Terrifier series, Art the Clown will return as the famously quiet killer clown from Damien Leone’s crazy mind. When the first movie came out in 2018 with a budget of only $35,000, it became an instant cult favorite among indie horror fans because of how violent it was and how realistic the special effects were. Terrifier 2 was given the go-ahead with a much bigger budget because the first movie was so well received. A crowdsourcing effort on IndieGogo asked for $50,000 to film a horrific scene that needed a lot of practical effects. This is how most of the money for the second movie came from. Leone was able to get over $250,000 from private investors because people gave money to his campaign.

Terrifier 3

It has been revealed that Terrifier 3, the third movie in the series, is in pre-production and has an even bigger budget for filming. The exact amount has not been made public yet. Still, Priscilla Smith, chief producer and president and founder of the French distribution company The Coven, said that the budget will be in the “low to mid seven-figure range.” A fan campaign, led by the horror magazine Bloody Disgusting, to get Terrifier 2 nominated for an Academy Award got some steam but failed in the end. Smith has also said, “All jokes aside, we are going for that Oscar this year.” Lisa Falcone and Phil Falcone, who executive produced the first two movies, will return to produce this one. You can learn everything you need to know about the new Terrifier movie in this piece!

Who Is in the Cast of ‘Terrifier 3’?

David Howard Thornton will play Art the Clown again, which is a famous part. However, Thornton is now known for playing the killer clown in the series. He has also recently joined the latest trend of turning well-known childhood characters into scary movies. Like Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, which turned Pooh Bear and Piglet into murderous maniacs soon after the figures were made public domain, Thornton’s most recent role was as a murderous “The Grinch” in The Mean One, a holiday horror movie released in 2022.

Lauren LaVera will also be back in her main part as Sienna Shaw, which was confirmed. She was born in Philadelphia and is best known for her part in the Terrifier movies. She has also done a lot of work in short films like How to Be Human, Night of the Devil, and Stalked. In Terrifier 2, her character changes into more of a supernatural force, just like Art the Clown seems to have magical powers that allow him to come back from death. Leone said that the characters are written to look like a fight between good and evil from the Bible. In the second movie, which also takes place on Halloween night, she dresses as an angel-warrior figure, like the Valkyries in Nordic mythology. It’s also been said that Leone’s favorite character to write is Sienna and that her character is “crucial to the franchise moving forward.”

What is the Release Date of Terrifier 3?

Terrifier 3 will be on screens on October 25, 2024, just in time for Halloween.

After the surprising success of Terrifier 2 in theaters and at the box office, it’s not a surprise that Terrifier 3 will only be available in theaters at first before moving to streaming services. In June 2023, it was reported that Cineverse had bought the rights to distribute the movie in North America. They plan to show the threequel in more theaters than ever before. Once the movie is out of theaters, it will only be available to watch on Cineverse’s Screambox service.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Terrifier 3’?

What Is ‘Terrifier 3’ Going To Be Plot?

For now, specifics about the story have been kept secret. However, Terrifier 3 will take place during the Christmas season, as shown in the first movie poster and the teaser video. Variety talked to Leone, who said that he knew what Terrificier 3 would be like around the time he was writing Terrificier 2.

“Once I figured out what Part Two was, I knew it was going to be at least a trilogy, so I’ve been working on this since I completed Part Two. Even while I was writing Part Two, I actually had scenes that I’d already written for Part Three because I knew where it was going to go”

We do know, though, that Leone wants to make this movie even bloodier and more violent than the others in the series. He said in October 2022 that he already had a treatment for Terrifier 3 in the works, but that

He went on to say that the next few Terrifier movies would slowly start to show where the bad guy, Art the Clown, came from and what his history is.

Leone also said that he will bring over some of his big, unfinished ideas from the first two movies, such as a killing scene involving Tara.

So that was a kill that I kept on the back burner… I didn’t even put it in Part Two. So that’s one I may explore. But there’s another one I thought of about a month ago, where it clicked and I said ‘That’s going to be the next bedroom kill scene’ — you’ll know it when you see it. I can’t say for sure I’ll ever top any of these scenes — it’s always going to be subjective — but you will know it when you see it.

Fans of the first two movies are still confused about the killer clown. In 2008, Damien Leone directed his first real movie role, which was in the short film The 9th Circle. In 2011, he was in the short film Terrifier. Leone’s horror collection All Hallows’ Eve, which came out in 2013, was the first full-length movie with the character. While Leone wants to slowly share more about Art’s past with each new movie in the series, the reason behind Art the Clown’s violent behavior is still a mystery. David Howard Thornton plays Art the Clown in all of the movies. He has experience with mime work, which he uses to add to the mystery of the character’s origin story.

The idea for Art the Clown came to Damien Leone when he imagined a woman getting on a bus after a long day of work and being sat next to by a clown who was making fun of her. Leone wanted Art’s actions to make people feel uncomfortable and laugh, but he also wanted them to become more scary and dangerous as the conversation went on. Over time, he becomes scarier and more violent with his victims, and the funny parts go away, leaving only a mute and scary tormentor.

As we already said, Art seems to have supernatural powers because she has come back from the dead several times and survived injuries that would normally kill a regular person. Even though no one really knows why or how he can heal from fatal wounds, it makes sense that his main enemy, Sienna Shaw, can also use a nearly magical power when she fights him.

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