Terrifying technology after 29 years… this is what life on Earth will be like

After 29 years from now, the world will witness a huge technological revolution, introducing a new lifestyle, driven by artificial intelligence to transcend the limits of the possible and the absurd, a revolution that interferes with awareness, thought , feelings and physical form, engineering a life closer to utopia, building utopian cities inspired by science fiction films that can be transformed in reality, auto self-driving smart cars, skyscrapers teeming with UFOs, high-speed trains, connected appliances and phones with Wi-Fi.

Terrifying technology after 29 years… this is what life on Earth will be like

Robot and the profession is a surgeon

Doctors, but robots that measure the temperature and take care of Corona patients

In addition, smart cities can be built with roads covered by cameras that ensure a safer life for communities, roads without accidents, traffic and crime, robots that perform cleaning and landscaping tasks that take care of the environment, sustainable energy sources , air free from pollution and carbon, organic farms with solar energy and health products For a longer life expectancy, a portable digital doctor in the wristwatch, which can be placed in the hook of theauto for a consultation in any time. A credible vision, implemented in Saudi Arabia through the “The Line, NEOM” project, to reach the equation between sustainable well-being and health.

Doctors but robots

Doctors but robots

It is not excluded from all this in the field of science, which is witnessing mutations that do not occur in human consciousness, for example, in 2020, China managed to build a hospital in the city of Yuhan, which employs 6 specialists doctors working with robots, each robot plays a specific role between measuring temperature and helping people infected with the virus, to control the virus in its early stages.

A fifth revolution after the Corona epidemic

Experts confirm that the new Corona epidemic has left a positive technological footprint in the memory of the year 2020 and has helped to accelerate the entry of global companies in a fifth revolution that shortened the digital booms that had always been postponed for decades to come. and a trial phase “, in which some countries have demonstrated their ability to integrate with all variables and challenges and have been in able to ride the wave of change, obviously benefiting from technical resources and information leadership and their experiences in using artificial intelligence to automate life and programming, in in line with the crisis of the spread of “Covid 19” to formulate an advanced modern vision, new lifestyle,

air police

air police

This city is the safest in the world

In the same context, countries are competing to snatch the title of the safest, and a few days ago Abu Dhabi is in tops the list of safest cities in the Middle East and Africa, according to the Safe Cities Index 2021 issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Abu Dhabi has achieved a “very high” rate in standard health and infrastructure security.

Copenhagen is currently the safest capital on the planet in the days of the Crown, thanks to the ability of its smart cities to manage stage risks with global changes towards health security, economic stability and community security.

Speculations that break the barrier of the possible and expectations that tweet out of the ordinary

Al-Arabiya.net discusses with people he met in shopping malls their perceptions of city landmarks future, their expectations of what they have of the technological components and smart resources for the next five decades and how governments can, according to them, draw a clear plan and a vision that transcends time.

Participants’ opinions varied between speculations that broke the barrier of the possible and imaginary expectations that exploded out of the ordinary. transportation, business models, communication strategies and business services, and will be replaced by miraculous alternatives such as flying taxis and ambulances.

And the police who watch the cities and hover in the air and the auto services, in addition to the availability of digital services, a work environment and distance education, while others believe that the means, technologies and the usual business environment will remain with the new automation and digitization in services and intelligent management of communications and transport, while other views tended to emphasize the disappearance of tools, means and services in the face of a wave of new discoveries, some of which could withstand the blows of extreme development that goes hand in hand with rapid changes in reality.

Predict population expansion, plan citizens’ needs and identify their interests

Through this field monitoring of the visions and expectations of a select segment of the public about the extent of smart cities after 30 years, Ibrahim Nasr, a systems and information engineer, said that smart cities help make decisions. more effective driven by accurate digital data technologies that will provide future developments with a strategy to access and analyze an enormous amount of information and obtain easily usable multidimensional insights. As a result, the city can identify and assign police personnel to high-risk areas, predict and plan for population growth expansion, and identify citizen trends, interests and needs. The availability of big data and the Internet of Things improves the lives of residents by reducing costs and improving services.

robot dogs

robot dogs

The experience of the connected citizen

Digital services that make smart cities a more attractive place for residents in to live and improve the experience of the connected citizen, a hypothesis led by Firas Zaher, site designer web, adding that the presence of strong social media helps build closer relationships with citizens and increase civic participation and trust in municipal officials, indicating The most important feature of smart cities is the establishment of an effective partnership and real participation between government and citizens.

Technology that tracks and predicts the occurrence of any criminal activity

The security index will rise to its highest levels, according to Omaima Fattouh, programmer, noting that the most important feature of smarter cities is the high level of social security and the decrease in violent crime by 90% and their ability to adapt technology to track and predict the occurrence of any criminal activity. Technologies such as license plate recognition, gunshot detectors, connected crime centers, the next generation of 911 and body cameras empower all law enforcement and enhance the highest standard safety at work.

Abdullah Al Shamsi, a technical expert, expected that the environmental footprint would decrease, causing pollution problems that take millions of lives each year and that technological alternatives would appear, such as injecting clouds for rain when needed, the implementation of air quality sensors and identification of the cause and areas of pollution, which would affect people’s health and reduce greenhouse gases and debris in increase in our oceans and waste on our streets Smart cities fight to reduce negative environmental impacts Provide energy-efficient buildings, air quality sensors and renewable energy sources cities with new tools to reduce their environmental impact.

Smart traffic light to reduce congestion

Aisha Al Darmaki, specialist in digital systems, believes that transport will change its services in terms of improved traffic management for the ability of public transport passengers to track bus or train sites and will be equipped with smart technologies to serve citizens and accommodate rapid changes in population growth and technologies such as smart traffic lights will emerge Reduce congestion, increase production of autonomous electric vehicles, activate flying taxis and use drones to deliver postal shipments while reducing vehicle space requirements in urban areas, which can lead to extensive land use for Development.

solar farms

solar farms

Participating experts and specialists, met by Al Arabiya.net, presented a clear vision of the smart reference points city after 30 years

digital equity

Increase digital equity and justice for citizens in smart cities and empower all to access affordable high-speed internet services and devices.
The luxury of economic opportunities
Investments in smart cities play a role in improving the regional and global competitiveness of cities to attract new residents and businesses.
Resource management sensors
Smart sensor technology helps provide effective solutions to help conserve valuable resources and reduce waste of water and electricity, smart sensors now enable cities to identify leaks and more.
– Improvement of the infrastructure
Smart technology can provide cities with predictive analytics to identify areas in need of repair before infrastructure fails.
Abundant labor
Smart cities can transform the workplace by simplifying manual processes and giving employees more opportunities to reach their full potential by providing better services.

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