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Tesla discovers the flaw and allows its owners to auto to make this change!


Tesla is replacing the cameras in the front fenders of at least several hundred Model S, X and 3 cars manufactured in Fremont, in California, although the company has yet to initiate a voluntary recall, according to internal service documents the company distributed in late November.

The internal communication unit said the cameras on some Model S, X and 3 vehicles made by Tesla in the United States have defective printed circuit boards inside, which can lead to the cameras losing “electrical continuity” and therefore to expire unexpectedly, according to it. “CNBC”, and reviewed by “Al Arabiya.net”.

Cameras located under the side mirrors and front fenders of some Tesla vehicles enable driver assistance features such as autopilot, autonomous driving and smart recall, as well as giving drivers the ability to see what’s going on around their blind spots. auto.

And when the cameras don’t work, the drivers in typically see a black screen or choppy video clips on the display head-up Tesla and may receive alerts that their autopilot function is limited.

On the other hand, Tesla recently initiated voluntary recalls of thousands of its Model Y crossover SUVs made in China and the United States due to suspension parts that can break easily, increasing the risk of a collision, according to public notices in both countries.

The recall of the Model Y suspension joints has also been announced in China and the United States by the China State Administration for Market Regulation, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States and affected approximately 21,599 vehicles in China and 826 in the United States.

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