Tesla launches an autonomous driving service for its auto for a huge amount

Today, Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company will begin rolling out an updated version of its fully automated pilot program, which has only been available to around 2,000 people so far.

Those who have access to this software constantly updated – a mix of Tesla employees and ardent Musk fans – have tested a system that has been rated to use customers up to $ 10,000 for nearly a year.

Tesla said the system, often referred to as FSD, is designed to handle short and long journeys without driver intervention.

In turn, Musk tweeted last month that the download of the autonomous driving feature that customers will see on Friday will require permission from the owners of auto to Tesla to evaluate their driving behavior for seven days. If the company believes the behavior is good, it will grant access to the FSD beta.

Interestingly, Tesla’s autonomous driving system, one of the concepts promoted so much by Elon Musk, is what has made it the most valuable automaker in the world to date. But others have objected to what they see as a reckless and misleading approach to using non-ready technology, as the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently opened its second investigation into the flaws of a traditional autonomous driving system.auto produced in 2016.

The National Traffic Safety Administration began investigating the automated driving system in August after nearly a dozen accidents caused by system malfunctions. It also examines the discovery by the system of objects and events on the way and the way in to which he responds.

system evolution

Musk first announced his plan to sell FSDs in October 2016, just months after he told a tech conference he considered self-driving a “problem solved”.

And in April 2019, he predicted that about a year later, Tesla’s technology would progress to the point that drivers would no longer have to pay attention.

And in March of questyear, Musk announced that Tesla had eliminated the FSD beta from auto of drivers who weren’t paying enough attention to the road.

The new president of the National Transportation Safety Board of Motor Vehicle Accidents in the United States resented this kind of mixed message.

“Whether it’s Tesla or someone else, these manufacturers need to be honest about what their technology does and what their technology doesn’t do,” said Jennifer Homendi in her first interview after she was sworn in last month.net”.

Since then, Homendi has described Tesla’s use of the term fully autonomous driving as “misleading and irresponsible” and has expressed concern about the FSD’s willingness to be used by more drivers on public roads.

Tara Goddard, Texas A&M University urban planning professor who studies how to commercialize home security auto and consumer automation technology, wonders whether Tesla’s seven-day assessment of driver behavior is enough to block unsafe users.

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