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Tesla launches the first children’s vehicle… and these are its specs


Tesla has launched a $ 1,900 Cyberquad all-terrain vehicle for children. The vehicle is now available to order from the company’s website and shipping begins in two to four weeks.

The surprise announcement comes more than two years after Tesla announced a full-size Cyberquad all-terrain vehicle for its future Cybertruck sequel. But neither the full-size Cybertruck nor the Cyberquad have been shipped yet.

The Cyberquad was first introduced during Cybertruck’s 2019 presentation. It has been described as being suitable for a Cybertruck and can be loaded with a Cybertruck battery, according to the Arab Technical News Portal.

The company has designed the new mini Cybersquad for children from 8 years old in on and for kids with parents can buy an off-road SUV for $ 1,900.

It includes a structure in steel, padded seat, adjustable suspension with rear disc brakes and LED lighting strips to complete the cyberpunk aesthetic.

The speed of this all-electric vehicle is 16 kilometers per hour and the battery works to allow it to travel for a range of 25 kilometers.

There are three speed settings: 8km / h, 16km / h and 8km / h in reverse gear.

Don’t expect Supercharger speeds when charging the Cyberquad, as Tesla says it takes up to five hours to fully charge the battery.

Battery range can be affected by user weight, driving terrain and speed settings. Additionally, the vehicle does not come as a one-off, and the company’s assembly instructions show at least 18 different parts.

With the release, the company’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, shared a video of him driving the Cyberquad with his children.

The Cyberquad has dimensions of 47 x 26 x 27 inches and weighs 55 kilograms. The Cyberquad is currently in shipping to the United States.

Meanwhile, the current Cybertruck inspired by it has been delayed until the end of 2022 and it’s unclear if the full-size Cyberquad could come later, though Elon Musk suggested it could ship alongside the fully electric truck. in past.

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