Tesla Model S Plaid, long-range deliveries suspended, report says



Tesla Model S checked and long-haul customers can need to dig for a bit more patience as a new report from Teslarati on Friday shows there may be a bottleneck with deliveries. According to the blog, citing the owner’s updates on social media and text message, it appears that Tesla has stopped deliveries of his range-topping electric sedan. Tesla has revealed the Model S updates to the start of this year, which includes the high performance Plaid model.

A Reddit post quotes Tesla’s instructions saying that engineering team was told to keep everything vehicles on hold temporarily, and the user added the local Tesla store it is not sure what to keep? up is. Another text message from a nearby customer Austin, Texas, Model S said vehicles in question need to go through “standard inspection they have just been recently updated. “Once the inspection is complete, the text message says the customer will receive a new scheduled delivery date.

Tesla does not work a public field request reports office for comment and CEO Elon Musk did not mention the potential delays on his Twitter feed.

The company started first deliveries of the new Model S Plaid last month with a celebration, even though it could be the shortage of chips produce bottlenecks in general. Maybe Tesla just wants to do sure these first the auto they are not shipped to customers with any unexpected problems, detecting extensive updates for the S model. But hopefully the delay has nothing to do with a reported Model S Plaid fire, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating.

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