Tesla Shanghai Plant Workers Awarded Large Increase in Quarterly Performance Bonuses: An Inside Look

Increased Bonuses for Tesla Workers at Shanghai Plant


Several workers at Tesla’s Shanghai plant, its biggest manufacturing hub globally, recently received significant increases in their quarterly performance bonuses. This comes after the EV maker had cut bonuses for many staff in the previous quarter. Workers expressed discontent in April, leading to appeals directly to founder Elon Musk.

Bonus Increase Details

According to three workers interviewed by Reuters, they received bonuses 1.5 times their monthly base salary for the second quarter. This is higher than the average performance bonuses, which used to be 1.2 times the monthly salary. The total number of workers who received a bonus hike is unknown, but the plant, which produces Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, employs approximately 20,000 workers.

One worker mentioned that their performance bonus had doubled in the second quarter compared to the first quarter, during which it was cut to 0.785 times the monthly salary. The workers claim they were not given a reason for the increased bonus or if it was related to their previous complaints.

Possible Factors

The bonus increase occurs after Tesla achieved a record-high delivery of 247,000 China-made EVs in the second quarter, coinciding with founder Elon Musk’s visit to the Shanghai plant in May. During his visit, Musk expressed gratitude to the workers for their hard work in overcoming difficulties and challenges.

Tesla has not responded to requests for comment regarding the bonus increase.

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