Testing Smartphones: Focusing on Features, Photography, Battery Life, and Performance


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In our phone testing process, we thoroughly examine every aspect of a phone’s performance, design, features, camera capabilities, battery life, and overall value. We constantly update our initial review to reflect any new software updates and to compare it with the latest phones from competitors like Apple, Samsung, Google, and OnePlus. The methodology outlined below applies to testing both smartphones and flip phones.


One of the key aspects we focus on is photography. We capture pictures and videos in various settings and lighting conditions to gauge the phone’s camera performance. We also test any new camera modes introduced by manufacturers, such as the Action mode on the latest iPhone 14 line or the Unblur photo tool offered with the Google Pixel 7 series.

Battery Life

We conduct battery tests in different ways to assess performance. This includes evaluating the phone’s endurance during a typical day of use, as well as specific scenarios like video calls, media streaming, and gaming. Additionally, we measure pure battery life through a video playback test, which provides a reliable benchmark. Although this test may not always be included in the initial review, it may be added later in an update.


We use benchmarking apps to measure the performance of each phone. In addition, we rely on our own experiences using the phone for the review. We pay particular attention to graphics and animations, assessing their smoothness and responsiveness. We also evaluate how quickly the phone transitions between horizontal and vertical orientations, as well as the speed at which the camera app opens and is ready to capture a photo.

Furthermore, we engage in processor-heavy tasks such as photo editing, video exporting, and gaming to gauge the phone’s capabilities. We assess whether newer models offer substantial features that justify an upgrade from older versions of the same phone.

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