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Texas Lt. Gov. Ripped For Saying Seniors May Be Willing To Die For The Economy

Twitter users are calling out Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for declaring that “lots of grandparents out there” want to take a chance versus the COVID-19 coronavirus in order to conserve the economy.

Speaking on Fox News, Patrick concurred with President Donald Trump’s proposition for a quicker end to the shutdowns that have actually stalled theeconomy

The closures and stay-at-home guidelines are focused on stopping the spread of the infection, particularly to those most susceptible, such as seniors, who comprise 80% of all U.S. deaths

However Patrick, who turns 70 next month, suggested he wants to put his own survival on the line in exchange for “keeping the America that all America loves” for futuregenerations

“And if that’s the exchange, I’m all in,” he informed Tucker Carlson, including there are “lots of grandparents” who concur.

“My message is that let’s get back to work, let’s get back to living, let’s be smart about it, and those of us who are 70-plus, we’ll take care of ourselves. But don’t sacrifice the country,” he stated.

Twitter users were aghast at the concept of grandparents being compromised to the infection in the name of the economy:

This type of numbnuttery will eliminate individuals inTexas Young along with old. We need a state-wide shelter in location order to stop the spread of coronavirus and conserve numerous countless lives. https://t.co/C8r9Q7t2vs

— Beto O’Rourke (@BetoORourke)March 24, 2020

I enjoy my grandparents extremely a lot and would not like to see them as human sacrifices at the altar of the stock market and did not recognize this desire needed to be actively protected! https://t.co/nRvtZ8ywnA

— Emma Baccellieri (@emmabaccellieri)March 24, 2020

Informing y’ all, if Dan Patrick wishes to compromise * himself, * that’s fine. Then that’s genocide when he starts offering * other individuals * to compromise themselves on behalf of the state. https://t.co/HOMy5L3Csp

— Brandon Friedman (@BFriedmanDC)March 24, 2020


— pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” (@pixelatedboat)March 24, 2020

To believe Texans endured Jade Helm and transgender restrooms just to be compromised by Dan Patrick himself. What a twist. https://t.co/D8YVqE6wf0

— Evan (@evan7257)March 24, 2020

I need to state, while the GOP’s dark, Shirley Jackson-esque plot twist isn’t completely unforeseen, that the main victims would be a substantial part of Trump’s base is definitely a surprise. https://t.co/B5ZwOx62TN

— Radley Balko (@radleybalko)March 24, 2020

@DanPatrick Do I need to select which among my grandparents to compromise, or do they do that for me? Exists a test they take? Possibly a panel of individuals who evaluate which ones can make it through the longest?

— Bradley P. Moss (@BradMossEsq)March 24, 2020

Pump Up the Curve – Dan Patrick https://t.co/JKY3kaHGDO

— John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang)March 24, 2020

Hey There it’s me a principled conservative and I am here to state why wait on grandmother and grandfather to die in the pandemic when we can start searching them for sport today

— Mariya Alexander (@MariyaAlexander)March 24, 2020

2010: Conservatives go nuts over “death panels.”

2020: Conservatives back reality version of “Logan’s Run.” pic.twitter.com/7SiDNL7VrM

— Daniel W. Drezner (@dandrezner)March 24, 2020

I ‘d choose to keep my one staying grandparent, thanks. https://t.co/6K0s1l6IuS

— Lindsey Adler (@lindseyadler)March 24, 2020

Likewise, that’s the exact same man who loses his shit about trans individuals existing, constantly raving how it’s the federal government’s task to safeguard individuals from the fictional risk of trans individuals in restrooms . now being like “Well, sorry, grandma’s gotta go for the sake of the market”

— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy)March 24, 2020

2016: “Let’s make America great again!”

2020: “If hundreds of thousands of you have to die for us to have a lot of brands of cereal, I guess that’s just the way it is” https://t.co/hGKaqpvDwK

— Mike Drucker (@MikeDrucker)March 24, 2020

“Screw the masks & ventilators and start printing up those “I’D DIE FOR THE DOW!” tee shirts for Florida’s retirement home!”

— Scott Linnen (@ScottLinnen)March 24, 2020

Die for the Dow. https://t.co/9FIjpWTIur

— Cameron Johnson (@cameronjawesome)March 24, 2020

Hey Memaws and Pawpaws, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick believes it’s much better for you to die than for the stock market to crash. You all set to crave the Dow? https://t.co/nzkjL84Pl1

— Leanne Potts (@TheRealMLPotts)March 24, 2020


— my king is andrew yang (@yang2020 fangirl)March 23, 2020

after investing a single week within, right-wingers are asking you to think about letting grandmother die so their preferred Cheesecake Factory resumes. consuming endless margaritas on some cruise liner called “Mermaid Of The Seas” is a life or death concern for them

— Brendan Karet (@bad_takes)March 24, 2020

thank God none of our grandparents view FOX News https://t.co/wJnHbV6ot1

— Matt Oswalt (@MattOswaltVA)March 24, 2020

I highly withstand duplexes being built in my area bc it would destroy its historical character likewise I’m all set to crave the Dow

— Jason Goldman (@goldman)March 24, 2020

I do not typically go wild here however fuck this, I’m sorry. This is sickening, basic and pure, beyond the kind of shit you ‘d view as a negative joke in dystopian fiction. Asking the senior to compromise themselves for the economy – Dan Patrick and Tucker can fuck all the method off. https://t.co/1TKserPuzk

— Steve Orlando (@thesteveorlando)March 24, 2020

Fantastic how they’ll crave the Dow Jones to conserve their grandchildren however won’ t do anything to stop the world from melting https://t.co/eD0RdFyWLd

— lights out (@countdown2march)March 24, 2020

* taptaptap *

Hi, 1st gen/naturalized Texan here.


Secure your Ma-Maws and your Pa-Paws.

Por favor, protege a tu abuelas y abuelos.

REMAIN THE HELL HOME for as long as you can. #COVID19 #coronavirus #StayHome

— Tanya 수정 Tarr (@nerdette)March 24, 2020

Genocide is the damage of a national/ethnic/racial/ spiritual group in entire or in part, however should not it cover the avoidable deaths of a whole generation? Due To The Fact That Dan Patrick, beast, believes this ‘d be worthy for the sake of a near work of fiction called”the economy” https://t.co/7kds1BVylM

— Their Excellency Elan Morgan (@schmutzie)March 24, 2020

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