‘That is’ scary!’: Lyrebird in Australian zoo mimics perfectly baby’s scream, leave netizens stunned

It’s not uncommon for a wide variety of kind in the animal world to imitate human actions and gestures. However, one bird in seems to be an Australian zoo in another league, have picked up one of the most terrifying sounds — the whining of a child. Now a video of the bird call has taken place social media by thunder, with a lot of freaking out over how accurate it seems to the cry of a human child.

Although Taronga Zoo is closed to guests due to Covid-induced lockdown, zoo keepers recently heard loud screams sound, only to realize it came from their resident lyrebird, named Echo. True to its name, zoo authorities said the bird has “AMAZING” ability replicate a variety of calls – including a baby’s cry!”

the seven-year- deafening imitation of old male lyrebird not just drew attention of the zoo authorities but also have netizens talking online, with the clip is going viral social media place.

Watch the video here:

Lyrebirds are incredible imitations, and are known for imitating the sounds of chainsaws, car engines, car alarms, barking dogs, music, ringtones and humans voice, 9 News reported.

Leanne Golebiowski, Department Supervisor of birds in the zoo, told the guard that Echo started using fragments of stirring sound An year ago but is “working” on his craft” during the Covid lockdown in Sydney.

Although zoo authorities are not sure where Echo chose up the noiseGolebiowski assumed the talented bird must have learned it from someone young visitor. “But this worries me because I thought the zoo was a happy one” place for families to visit!” said Golebiowski.

And they have a right to be concerned since Echo chose other not-so-pleasant ones sounds also, including the zoo “evacuate now” announcement. Say it’s the . has mastered sound of An power drill “which is scary accurate”, the staff added it can even nail the fire alarm.

When the video went viral, it became left many confused, with a lot of social media users say it must have been a very “terrifying” experience for the zookeeper”. Others, however, couldn’t stop met crack jokes appreciate the bird ability imitate sound so perfect.

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