That time Padres owner Ray Kroc got on the PA system and called his team ‘foolish’

Anybody who’s ever been a sports fan has actually had minutes when they wished to shriek at a team for playing improperly. And, it’s most likely safe to state, anybody who’s ever owned a sports team has actually had a lot of those minutes too, and, in all possibility, has actually in some cases been not able to withstand an in-the- minute desire to let it fly in the private boundaries of a locker space or office.

However regardless of the periodic media leakage, or faux-tough public remarks about the on- field item, a lot of owners keep these thingsprivate And after that there’s former Padres owner Ray Kroc, who in 1974 blurted his McFury over the public address system– throughout a game and in front of 39,00 0 fans.

Throughout the April 9, 1974, home opener versus the Astros, Kroc, who remained in simply his 4th game as Padres owner and was much better called the creator of McDonald’s, obviously could not take it any longer throughout the 8th inning of San Diego’s 9-5 loss to Houston.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I suffer with you,” Kroc, 72, shrieked over the PA system– prior to a streaker ran on the field and monopolized some attention. “Get that streaker off the field. Throw him in jail.”

Kroc, undeterred, continued.

“I have good news and bad news,” he informed the crowd, according to a Sporting News report at thetime “The good news is that the Dodgers drew 31,000 for their opener and we’ve drawn 39,000 for ours. The bad news is that this is the most stupid baseball playing I’ve ever seen.”

The crowd roared with approval.


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As Kroc put the team on blast, the Padres were minutes from an 0-4 start to the 1974 season. Their game versus Houston had actually been awful from the start, as beginning pitcher Steve Arlin enabled 6 hits and 5 made runs in the first inning, beginning his season with a 45.00 PERIOD. None of this was a surprise, other than to Kroc.

When he purchased the team, Kroc was seen rather as a hero for baseball in San Diego. In their 5 seasons of presence, the Padres had actually lost 100 or more games 3times In 1973, the team completed 60-102, so Kroc, obviously feeling positive, anticipated much better days ahead. In the first 3 games of 1974, the Padres were outscored 25 -2. Still, Kroc appeared enthusiastic.

“With your help, and God’s help, we’ll give ’em hell tonight,” he informed the crowd throughout pre-game events.

The Astros got no hell.

By the 8th inning, Kroc may’ve been second- thinking himself, which possibly is what triggered him to spit fire over the PAsystem His players weren’t delighted, undoubtedly.

“I wish Mr. Kroc hadn’t done that,” Padres slugger and future Hall of Famer Willie McCovey informed press reporters after thegame “I’ve never heard anything like that in my 19 years in baseball. None of us likes being called stupid. We’re pros and we’re doing the best we can. His words will ring in the players’ ears for a long time.”

Astros players were similarly surprised.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Houston pitcher Claude Osteen stated. “He’ll have to learn that you can’t buy success in this game.”

Commissioner Bowie Kuhn and MLBPA executive Marvin Miller both required apologies. Kroc required, later on stating his remarks were sustained by a desire to put his clients first, like at McDonald’s. He likewise stated that the streaker who disrupted him “just added gas to the fire.”

“I used a bad choice of words, and I’m sorry,” he stated. “I was bitterly disappointed and embarrassed before almost 40,000 people. I should have said the team wasn’t playing good ball and have urged the fans to stick with us, we’ll get better. In fact, I shouldn’t have gone on (the PA system) at all. But once you say a thing, you’re stuck with it.”

He continued: “[The stupid baseball comment] was type of a figure of speech. It was absolutely nothing individual. I hesitate I talked without believing.”

And, lastly: “I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot” in San Diego.

Though one may believe it near-impossible to recuperate from such a first impression, Kroc in some way pulled it off. The Padres didn’t win much throughout Kroc’s period as owner– they once again went 60-102 in 1974– however he owned the team till his death in 1984, a season in which San Diego went to the World Series– with celebratory “RAK” initials on their sleeves. He was inducted into the Padres Hall of Popularity in 1999.

Regrettably, there’s no video readily available of Kroc’s big microphone efficiency on April 9, 1974, so the full experience is left approximately our creativities. Here’s video of him tossing out the first pitch at the 1978 All-Star Game.

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