The $ 128 billion ghost haunts Erdogan . die Opposition “Where was it spent?”

The case of $ 128 billion den die Turkish Central Bank while Berat Albayrak, the son-in-law of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had used up foreign exchange reserves, the Ministry of Finance and Finance continues to pursue while die Government for Justice and Development continues to do so fast raise resistance to this issue every time and try to promote it on the Turkish street to it in to transform a popular demand pressure that die Erdogan government is under pressure.

The last to discuss this issue was the President of the Republican People’s Party and the leader of the Turkish opposition, Kemal Kilçdaroglu, in his speech to his parliamentary bloc two days ago, in to whom he devoted a large part of his speech to this topic as well as the former president of the pro-Kurdish HDP, Salahuddin Demirtaş, while he was during his trial and his colleagues in gave his testimony to the party last Monday.

“State what you did with the amount.”

In this regard, Mahmoud Tanal, an MP for the CHP, reiterated that die Constitution die Authorized MPs, die To consult the government, and therefore: “If the President or the Treasury Secretary makes certain expenses, consider die MPs exchange and ask him is in accordance with the law and the Constitution. “

In an interview with he added: “In my capacity as deputy, I ask die Government: First, when and when you spend one hundred and twenty-eight billion dollars in die To transfer turkish lira Make with this amount die Details known. “He continued,” The government has put this money on die Turkish lira transferred. What did she do with it? Has she built a hospital, or a law courts, or it for die Spent poor and withdrawn due to the epidemic? Anything we ask of them to explain this to public opinion makes no sense in maintaining this. It’s a secret issue. “

“If there is something that they are hiding that they are not revealing, it means that there is a problem that they are trying to hide,” he concluded.

“Who did you sell it to, Erdogan ?!”

Kılçdarolu said to Erdogan, “Who has $ 128 billion been spent on? Who did you sell it to? Why is there no answer? Is it your father’s money? This money is the money of 83 million Turkish citizens, this money was destroyed. This is the reason why the Greek Foreign Minister finds die Force, die republic in criticize Turkey. “

Tries, die arouse turkish street

It is noteworthy that die Turkish opposition recently on some of the main roads in Istanbul and in Major cities banners reading “Where is $ 128 billion?” Had published. However, the Turkish authorities quickly removed them, what die Dissatisfaction of the republican people caused party, die viewed and urged this issue as an expression of freedom of expression The government asks questions.

The oppositional charity party, led by Miral Achener, printed the sentence “Where is $ 128 billion?” On 10 million masks and distributed them to citizens free of charge in Big cities.

In return, HDP co-chair Salah El-Din Demirtaş used his trial visit with his colleagues in the case of the Kobani events last Monday and uploaded a paper that read, “Where is $ 128 billion?” High. “While presenting his testimony on video technology.

Legitimate question

Yasar Ayden, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Bir Gün, who spoke out against pronounces commenting on this campaign: “This reaction is natural and die Question “Where is $ 128 billion?” Is a legitimate question because because these funds come from taxes and local production, they have accumulated until they became reserves.

He added: “Turkey has suffered from widespread corruption and unemployment for two years, and die People are upset about it. They cannot feed themselves, so this problem has attracted a great deal of attention. “” The sudden disappearance of reserves undoubtedly leads to a feeling of suspicion in the street, the constant repetition of opposition to this question and a daily message, die die Government annoys for using resources unsuccessfully, “he concluded.

The government responded after die Controversy has escalated

For his part, Finance and Finance Minister Lotfi Alwan confirmed in a television interview that die Central bank from time to time die necessary reserves and foreign exchange transactions die Ensure financial stability and operate the money transfer mechanism more effectively.

“Auctions to buy and sell foreign currency were announced in advance by the Central Bank, and die direct buying or selling interventions were carried out when unusual fluctuations occurred and die Results were communicated to the public, “he added.

In return, the governor of the central bank, Shihab Kafcioglu, intervened die Resolve controversy. In statements to the Anadolu Agency, he said that “reserves under the 2017 protocol with the Treasury Department were used to prevent unhealthy pricing and to maintain supply balance and demand in financial markets.” He added, “All foreign exchange transactions were conducted at market rates , and no organization or institution received “preferential treatment”.

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