The 13 teams that have guaranteed participation in the “Qatar 2022” World Cup

Yesterday, Tuesday, the curtain fell on the last stop for the national teams, the “FIFA Days” for 2021, which saw many teams guaranteeing their presence at the FIFA World Cup in program in Qatar next year.

So far, 13 teams have guaranteed participation in the World Cup in Qatar, in 32 teams will compete, with 19 remaining vacancies.

In addition to the host country, Qatar, Brazil and Argentina qualified for South America, as well as 10 European teams who excelled in their groups at the end of the European qualifiers for the World Cup.

The ten European teams qualified directly for the World Cup in Qatar:

For Group One: Serbia (and second-placed Portugal will play in the play-offs).

– For the second group: Spain (and Sweden second).

For Group C: Switzerland (Italy second).

For Group D: France (and Ukraine second).

For the fifth group: Belgium (second place Wales).

For Group F: Denmark (second Scotland).

For Group G: Netherlands (and Turkey second).

For Group H: Croatia (and Russia second).

– For the ninth round: England (and Poland second).

– For the tenth group: Germany (and second North Macedonia).

The share of the European continent in the World Cup is 13 places, which are the champions of the ten groups, and 3 places are in competition for the ten teams that finished second in their groups, where they play a play-off with the participation of two qualified teams of the European Nations League (Czech Republic and Austria), and the 12 teams will be divided in Three tracks are determined by a lottery, in each of which four teams compete in a semifinal system (24 March -25) and a final (28-29 March next), to determine the identity of the other three teams that will represent the “old continent” at the World Cup in Qatar.

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