The 16 And Recovering Community Has Lost Among Its Own

Northshore Recovery High School lost among its own throughout tonight’s 16 and Recovering episode: Principal Michelle Lipinski regretfully notified her community that Shawn O’Neill, a student at the Massachusetts school, had actually passed away at age 18.

” On the way back from my class that I was teaching, I got a call from Shawn’s mom,” Michelle informed Shawn’s schoolmates and her fellowtrainers She acknowledged she was running late for work, so she had her daughter go and wake him up.

Michelle later examined Shawn’s death– and “the numerous elements that failed him.”

” The greatest one is, I had a bed [at treatment],” she defined. There, Shawn waited for hours and eventually left the day prior to he overdosed.

16 and Recovering‘s executive manufacturer and director Steve Liss specified his time with Shawn and the teenager’s effect at Northshore.

” He was deeply liked, an universally liked kid at Recovery High School,” Liss just recently informed MTV News. “And that, to me, says so much about him. Nobody ever had a bad word to say about Shawn. He was a sweet, sweet kid, and he came from a charming and caring household.”

If you or somebody you comprehend is having a hard time with dependence, you are not alone and help is easily available.

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