The 18-year-old Morrowind Mod project releases 60 new quests and a huge new map

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is almost 18 years old. That’s how long modders have been working to expand the already vast world of the game. The modders working on Tamriel Rebuilt have slowly expanded Morrowind and released one of their biggest additions this week.

The original version of Elder Scrolls 3 was intended to include the entire Morrowind region, not just the central island of Vvardenfell that made up the last game. The developers at Bethesda finally downsized their vision before it was released. Since the scope of the original game has changed, Tamriel Rebuilt’s modders have been working on putting the piece back together and rebuilding the missing mainland in the game.

The latest version of the project focuses on the Aanthirin region south of Vvardenfell. The region has a huge river and several new cities and settlements. This latest version of the mod also includes more than 60 new quests to be performed in this area – including at least one big multi-threaded adventure – so you’ll have plenty to do after reaching Aanthirin.

With this latest patch called 19.12, the map is only a little closer to completion. However, there is still a lot to add. According to the announcement for the aanthirine patch, the next project for the Tamriel Rebuilt team will be the Thirr Valley, a region of the Nasis district. Most of the outdoor areas for this area appear to have been completed and approximately two thirds of the work is done. So there could be a new and improved Morrowind sometime next summer.

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