The 7 best giants to replace Pat Shurmur

Pat Shurmur’s season in New York ends after only two seasons. The Giants fired their coach on Monday after a second season outside the playoffs and a 9-23 record.

The Giants are now looking for the 21st coach in franchise history to pair with CEO Dave Gettleman. The team has many painful promises with the first round back-to-back Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones, but the defense needs a lot of work to move on from one also ran behind to compete in the highly competitive NFC East.

With that in mind, here we are looking at the top seven prospective coaches to take on a proud franchise in the next decade.

Aggressive Coordinator, Chiefs

Bieniemy, 50, will get many calls as the last award-winning student under Andy Reid in Kansas City, following Eagles Super Bowl winner Doug Pederson and head man Matt Nagy. He has done a great job with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ backfield from committee, and he would have done well with Jones and Barkley.

Bieniemy is ready for the next step of performing a full function.

Offensive coordinator, Vikings

Stefanski, 37, has done wonders with Dalvin Cook and the current Vikings game and also got the best play from Kirk Cousins. This combination should be attractive to the Giants with Jones and Barkley.

Penn’s graduate is smart and has the mentality to thrive in New York.

Robert Salehhttps: // T = -405620474 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Defensive coordinator, 49ers

Saleh, 40, is likely to find a head coach sometime in 2020 with his star burning brighter. He’s a high-energy, fiery motivator who cuts his teeth under Pete Carroll before enjoying his long breakout game calling for a super-talented defense under Kyle Shanahan.

It would be an instant contagious stop in New York.

Defense Coordinator, Colts

Eberflus, 49, was honored to make the most of Indianapolis’ mixed-defense defense. He is well organized and a strong motivator for veteran players and young people, having strengthened his resume under Frank Reich in the last two seasons.

Ohio has the right personality to take on the Giants and their teams to compete fiercely in the division where they were once the Cowboys’ solid job.

Coach, Baylor

Rhule, 44, before becoming coach at Temple in 2013, was the Giants’ assistant coach for a 2012 season. He is a native New Yorker and a pent-up former Penn State linebacker.

He has the tough East Coast defensive profile to handle the pressure of coaching in New York, as well as the offensive shots to push Jones and Barkley forward.

Jim Harbaughhttps: // T = -1103697842 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Coach, Michigan

Harbaugh, 56, would only leave the Wolverines for a NFL marketer who might be ready to win sooner rather than later. The Giants, with Jones and Barclays, are characterized as this type of offensive team with some defensive momentum.

The Giants should not want to want to build an NFC power in the 2012 Harbaugh 497 image.

Passing Game Coordinator, 49ers

LaFleur, 32, is the younger brother of highly successful Packers coach Matt LaFleur. He’s another brightly attacking colleague of Kyle Shanahan and his work with Jimmy Garoppolo to launch San Francisco through the air in 2019 cannot be overlooked, as he may have the same influence on similarly athletic, smart and heavily armed Jones. .

It will also install a good zone locking system to reinforce Barkley.

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