The abandoned equipment in Afghanistan reveal the secrets of American superiority?

China is likely to be the ultimate winner in the two-decade war in Afghanistan, especially on the one hand Aircraft and armored vehicles Which is left to the withdrawal of US forces and which will give China through its ardent partners (the Taliban) a window into how the US military has built and uses some of its most important tools of war.

According to the US Defense One report, the Chinese military is expected to use these unexpected profits to create and export to client countries a new generation of weapons and tactics designed specifically to expose American weaknesses, said many experts who have spent years building , acquire and test some of the equipment it controls. The Taliban now.

The abandoned equipment in Afghanistan reveal the secrets of American superiority?

An American helicopter in the hands of the Taliban

To understand the potential loss of the United States, it is necessary to look beyond the headlines, the report said. Instead, look at the relatively primitive parts of command, control, and communications equipment found in vehicles that the U.S. left behind on paved roads and airports.These purpose-built items aren’t as impenetrable as your phone.

Josh Lospinoso, CEO of cybersecurity firm Shift5, notes, “The only reason we don’t see any more attacks is because there is a veil of secrecy around these systems and once that veil of secrecy is breached … to be in able to build cyber weapons “to attack them.

Josh spent ten years in the army leading test of penetration against radios, microcomputers and other commonly used computer equipment in Afghanistan.

American armored vehicles seized by the Taliban

American armored vehicles seized by the Taliban

Georgiana Shea, who spent five years at MITER helping the Pentagon research and test new technologies, said the loss of key Taliban equipment “exposes everything we do in the United States. in particularly our business plans, how we set things up, how we protect things. It’s not just a Humvee, “he said.

Of particular interest are electronic countermeasures equipment, or ECMs, used to detect explosive devices, according to the report.

“Imagine the research and development effort devoted to developing ECM devices designed to counter IEDs,” said Peter Christensen, former director of the US Army’s National Electronic Group, on how these devices are effective in the institute or mitigate their severity. .

Equipment that has been “demilitarized” or “unusable,” as US officials describe it, such as aircraft and vehicles left behind, may still reveal secrets, Shea said.

In some cases, this equipment was sent with the assumption that we would have gates and guards to protect it. And when it was developed, no one thought the Chinese would take it to their electronic laboratory, dissected and disassembled. “

The Taliban have highlighted their nascent partnership with China as perhaps their most important foreign diplomatic effort, while China has already begun providing millions in aid to the new regime.

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