The accused American lawmaker of “racial violence” over Halloween costume

A Boston lawmaker apologized after a photo of its Asian themed Halloween costume two years ago triggered outrage, including allegations of committing “racial violence”.

The picture in question, which emerged online earlier this week, shows Malden, Massachusetts City Councilor Jadeane Sica wearing a bamboo hat and an “Orchids of Asia” T-shirt holding a bottle of lotion. Her husband it’s shown with her in the picture, wearing The New England Patriots dress and hold in hand a fake NFL championship trophy. orchids of Asia is the Florida spa where Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged of solicit prostitution in 2019. Expenses against he were then abandoned.

The image sparked criticism, including a fierce statement released Wednesday by the Greater Malden Asian American Community Coalition. “This costume is harmful, racist and ignorant “, said the statement, which was signed by 15 others community organizations. People of Asian ancestry ago up more 22% of by Malden population.

“Our youth, especially ours young women, should not see themselves represented and derided in this way by an elected official of our city,” the coalition She said. “This is racial violence – appropriation of Asian identity for someone’s fun. “

The state legislative delegation of Malden also sentenced on costume, said, “Our company is committed in a long overdue showdown with harmful impacts of ethnic stereotypes and racist caricatures “.

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Following the backlash, the councilor apologized, vowing to “do better.”

“To look back of your choice of costume through a more illuminated lens allows I to see now what I did not see then, which is that costumes That in whatever way portraying another culture can be harmful “, Sica said in to Facebook post on Wednesday.

Sica said she loves people from all racial and religious origins, but added, “I also recognize that bad intention is not a necessary ingredient for actions that are harmful to others. “

Ironically, Sica is the second Malden city adviser just this month to take up in dispute over an old Halloween costume. City Councilor Karen Colon Hayes he apologized last week for a 2012 costume, saying it “Promoted an imprecise and stereotyped representation of an indigenous “. She added That “get dressed up in another culture was racist. It doesn’t matter which one is mine intentions they were. There are no excuses for reinforce racist stereotypes “. Much like Sica, Hayes is committed to “do better.”

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