The Afghan Parliament is boiling . Iran is accused of being involved in the bombings in Kabul to have been involved

Against the backdrop of the bloody bomb attacks in in the Afghan capital of Kabul, in which more than 60 female students between the ages of 11 and 15 were killed on Saturday, a member of the Afghan parliament accused Iran of being involved in the behind-the-scenes bombings, according to Afghan media.

Afghan MP Shahpur Hasan Zoe, representative of Luger State, said Iran was involved in the recent bombings and “Tehran’s spies are in the Afghan parliament defending what it is doing,” said Iran die Afghan media.

The reaction is brutal

Zoe’s comments also created a tense atmosphere in the plenary session of the Afghan parliament on Monday. His statements were violently answered by other MPs, including the MP from the city of Ghazni, Abdul Gayoom Sajadi, who called it “the salt on.” die Scattering wounds of Shiites and Hazaras, “as he put it.

It should be noted that Taliban The company maintains good relations with Tehran, took no responsibility for die Bombing and convicting them and accusing “ISIS” of being behind the attack.

The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif again accused “ISIS” of having carried out the attack. So far, ISIS has not taken any responsibility for the attack.

Ghani accused die Taliban

It is reported that die Number of victims of the attack on a girls’ school in The capital is KabulOn Saturday there are more than sixty while die Doctors are making great efforts on Sunday to provide medical care to around 150 injured, according to Afghan officials.

On Tuesday, May 11th, declared die Afghan government die public mourning across the country.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani opened the terrorist attack die Taliban responsible, saying that “groups of ignorance and darkness, sometimes on behalf of the Taliban and sometimes on behalf of ISIS, want to keep our children away from the convoy of knowledge and progress these barbaric attacks and weaken die Hope of our people for a bright future. “

In a statement by the Presidency of the Republic on Monday, he also stated: “The Taliban are not in able to confront security forces on the battlefield by targeting public places with terrorist attacks. “The current situation is peaceful, but it is die To complicate the situation and exclude any opportunity for peace. “

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