The Afghan president will replace defense and interior ministers while die Expanding the Taliban on the ground

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani replaced on Saturday die both ministers, die For die While managing the country’s deteriorating security record are responsible die Taliban started their campaign to conquer new territories in to continue bitter fighting with government forces.

The change in the defense and interior ministries comes there die Violence escalates and die Peace talks continued to stall while die Taliban in the last few weeks die Control of more than 40 districts in of the rugged landscape.

The presidency resigned in an explanation die Appointment of General Bismillah Khan Mohammadi as new defense minister during the civil war in fought in the 1990s under the leadership of the late anti-Taliban leader Ahmed Shah Massoud.

Mohammadi had before die Held defense and domestic departments and headed the army staff after the fall of the Taliban regime following the US intervention in 2001.

The Presidency added that Ghani had also appointed General Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal as Minister of the Interior. Mirzaquale previously held several regional positions.

Mohammadi replaces Asadullah Khaled, who often traveled abroad for treatment for his injuries, die he contracted an attack by a suicide bomber in 2012.

The change of minister, to be approved by Parliament, comes against the backdrop of the escalation of violence since the beginning of May, after the US military began to withdraw its last troops from the country.

And US President Joe Biden decided that die The deadline for completing the withdrawal from Afghanistan would be September 11th, the twentieth anniversary of the attacks in the United States collapses, die led to the invasion of Afghanistan.

Since the US Department of Defense began withdrawing the last troops on May 1, die Taliban launched a wave of attacks against government forces.

The insurgent movement has now declared its control of more than 40 districts, what die Caused Afghan army commanders to strategically withdraw from a number of rural areas.

At least 20 members of an elite group of Taliban fighters were killed in the attack on Wednesday in the northern province of Faryab in killed in an ambush, according to several sources from the AFP news agency.

The Taliban are currently in fast present in all states of the country and besieging a number of major cities according to a strategy adopted in the mid-1990s, die led to their control of all regions of Afghanistan until the US-led invasion.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense confirmed on Saturday that its forces had withdrawn from several areas, but stressed that it is trying to regain them.

“There is a new, strong and effective plan to recapture the areas from which we withdrew our troops,” said ministry spokesman Ruhollah Ahmadzai, denying that hundreds of soldiers had surrendered to the Taliban.

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