The Algerian Minister of Sport sets the conditions for the return of fans to the stadiums

Algeria: Abdel Razzaq Sebakk, Algerian Minister of Sport, revealed a condition for the return of fans to the stadiums, stressing that his country is committed to respecting the Olympic Charter. Sabbak said, in a press conference today, Sunday: “The return of fans to stadiums depends on obtaining the vaccine. If there is a vaccine, there will be a comeback. “Yesterday, Saturday, the Ministry of Health launched a massive vaccination campaign lasting one week, while the number of those who received the vaccine reached 8 million people. in a country of about 45 million people. Government authorities in Algeria have prevented the presence of fans in the stadiums and in various sporting events in mid-March 2020, following the decision to suspend sporting activity in the country as part of a plan to cope with the Corona virus outbreak. Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdul Rahman is expected to agree to reopen the gyms and the rest of the facilities as soon as possible in view of the full resumption of sports activities in the country. He also admitted that officials failed to manage the Corona crisis, expressing his refusal to justify the pandemic in justifying Algeria’s weak participation in the “Tokyo 2020” Summer Games. Sebakk, on the other hand, affirmed his country’s respect and commitment to the regulations of the Olympic charter, explaining that dealing with sporting events that define the participation of the Zionist entity will be studied on a case-by-case basis, in his comment on the withdrawal of the judoka Fathi Noreen. , from facing an Israeli athlete at the Tokyo Summer Games. The Algerian minister dispelled the doubts about the possibility of withdrawing the organization of the Mediterranean Games, which will be hosted by the city of Oran from 25 June to 5 July 2022, but did not hide the fear of delaying the completion of some structures, such as the water boat. He is committed to carrying out important administrative changes in the near future, aimed at relaunching Algerian sport, which still needs to reconsider its legislative system, the method of training for athletes and the relationship between the ministry and sports federations. (Dpa)

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