The Anandiben Parallel: This Time how the roles have been reversed on rupani

THE parallel between the exit of Vijay Rupani and die from Anandiben Patel could not have been more striking – and ironic.

Replacing Anandib with rupani in August 2016 was seen as a nimble politics move then BJP President Amit Shah a year forward of Assembly elections.

Named CM by Narendra Modi who left for New Delhi takes charge as prime minister in 2014, Anandiben came under fire: the Patidar agitation, led by Hardik Patel, now working president of the state congress, foreshadowed party emergency – it lost the elections met a majority of the local authorities in December 2015. This was followed by the public flogging of Dalits in una in 2016 die played out national forward of the UP elections.

To soften Patidars, Anandiben’s government announced 10% reservation for the economically backward class in the general category — a announcement by Rupani from the party office seen as a stub for Anandiben.

Rupani was a minister in her government and the head of the state unit.

With Rupani’s exit Saturday, a year forward of polls in December 2022, the roles are reversed reflecting the changing contours of power in the Gujarat BJP.

Rupani has been criticized for to be failure in managing the pandemic – the restrictions of the Gujarat Supreme Court were hard and regular. He had also, by many accounts from within, failed to emerge as a “strong and efficient leader” who could lead the party to elections.” Indeed, the rise of Aam Aadmi party as politics force in the state was attributed by many of to be critics within in his ‘inefficient leadership’.

In 2016, a section of the BJP had wanted Nitin Patel replaces Anandiben, but Shah got his way and Rupani, die close to him got the job.

This time, circumstances change the cases. Rupani’s resignation comes days after the state executive meeting was attended by minister of Defense Rajnath Singh in the conspicuous absence of shah.

Sources said Shah, who stays play An key role in the organization and functioning of the BJP, will share responsibilities in the Gujarat BJP with BL Santhosh (Secretary General, Organization); Mansukh Mandaviya (chosen by Modi as minister of Public Health of the Union); JP Nadda (BJP chairman); CR Paatil (again, chosen by Modi as chef of the Gujarat unit); and the new Prime Minister.

The Anandiben Parallel: This Time how the roles have been reversed on rupani

There’s been some talk in the party of early elections next year when you have to in five states, including UP. This would also the . switch party to choose a non-MLA if CM and legal advice is sought, sources said. However, fighting both UP and Gujarat at the same time will be one challenge for the partysaid one leader.

The change of guard in Gujarat past at the BJPs new cartridge of shuffling chief ministers. In fact, between 2014 and 2019, Anandiben’s departure was an exception to the rule: the party was reluctant to replace CMs despite calls for change in state units like Jharkhand, Rajasthan of Haryana.

In contrast to, in july, de party’s central leadership asked four-term Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa resign in Karnataka and instructed Tirath Singh Rawat to stop just four months after he was appointed as Uttarakhand CM. Both were under pressure from their faction-ridden state units.

There were some early clues to change in Gujarat. Paatil was brought in as president of the unit of state in July last year forward of crucial local body elections. paatil, who Replacing Jitu Vaghani, a Patel by caste and a Shah protégé, was always considered a diehard Modi loyalist.

Then there were key changes in the organization, including the appointment of Ratnakar replaces Bhikhubhai Dalsaniya – who had worked with Shah – as an organization general secretary. Dalsaniya was appointed as the general secretary (organization) of the Bihar unit.

Another key development was the height of Mandaviya and Parshottam Rupala as cabinet ministers – both are considered close to Modi.

However, BJP leaders emphasized that Rupani changed after the leadership was “convinced” the party could not go to the polls under his leadership.

“Although the elections will be fought anyway with modes face, the party need to send a message that it has strong and effective leadership in the state,” said a party member of parliament.

Rupani was seen as the first Jain to be made CM, an influential minority in the state. But under his leadership, the BJP performed poorly in the parliamentary elections of 2017 win just 99 of the 182 seats.

although it won back most of the constituencies in the midterm elections and the local body elections earlier this year, the achievement was largely seen as Paatil’s.

Asked why he was replaced now, a top BJP official in Gujarat said: “Maybe we are… wearing nice clothes but we do want change and get new die, However? People always want change”.

Rupani’s resignation came, as Paryushan, the period of penance for Jains ended Saturday, when the community seeks forgiveness.

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