The ancestors of mammals became warm-blooded about 230 million years ago.

The press service of the American Field Museum of Natural History reported that an international team of paleontologists found that about 230 million years ago, the ancestors of mammals became warm-blooded.

Ophis points out that this means that it became so tens of millions of years after its appearance in the mid-Triassic period.

“Our measurements showed that the ancestors of mammals became warm-blooded in a short period of time – less than a million years. This contradicts the popular belief that this process continued for tens of millions of years,” says scientific researcher Ricardo Arrajo. at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Paleontologists believe that the appearance of mammals on Earth coincided with the appearance of dinosaurs. But they still can’t say when she became a warm-blooded person.

The researchers studied the structure of the ears of the alleged ancestors of mammals belonging to 341 animals that lived on Earth 235-220 million years ago in the middle of the Triassic period, as well as the bones of 243 modern and 64 extinct animals. .

The researchers explain that in one of the auditory ossicles there are several microscopic channels that scientists previously studied to assess the motor level of ancient animals. But the scientific team found that its thickness and texture correlated with core body temperature.

Based on this idea, the researchers studied the bones of 56 ancient animals, presumably related to human ancestors. The results of their autopsy showed that the ancestors of mammals became warm-blooded 230-233 million years ago and acquired this ability in less than a million years.

Source: TASS