The Anthropocene Era: Scientists Identify Human Influence and Gold Boom as Markers

The Anthropocene: A New Geological Era Shaped by Human Influence

A specialized group of scientists concluded that the Earth entered a new geological era in the 1950s due to human influence, which they proposed to call the “Anthropocene”.

The Geological Task Force’s Recommendation

The Geological Task Force recommends marking the start of this new era at Crawford Lake, a small lake outside of Toronto, Canada, with what they call a “gold boom”.

The Era of Man

The beginning of this era, or the era of man, falls on the period from 1950 to 1954 of the last century, since the exact date will be determined in the near future, and this can be done based on the levels of “plutonium” in new measurements from the bottom of a private area near the lake.

The Magnified Impact of Human Activities

For his part, Colin Waters, a geologist at the University of Leicester who chairs the Anthropocene working group that is developing the recommendations, said: “It is clear that the scale of change has been enormously magnified by human impact on the planet. … it no longer only affects the globe.” He actually controls it.”

Distinct Features of the Anthropocene

Scientists believe that one of the most striking features of the new era is the burning of coal, oil and gas, which changes the earth’s climate and atmosphere, as well as the explosions of nuclear bombs that have been found in the soil around the world, plastic and nitrogen obtained as a result of fertilizing on earth, and one can also note the dramatic changes in the patterns that form the rest of the earth.

A 20-Year-Old Idea

It should be noted that the idea of ​​the Anthropocene was put forward at a scientific conference held over 20 years ago by the late Nobel Prize-winning chemist Paul Crutzen.

Discussion and Study

Teams of scientists have been discussing this issue for decades, as a special commission was recently set up to study the possibility of its need and the date of its start, as well as the location of the “gold boom” to mark the beginning, how such golden arrows revive the threshold of new geological time periods of the age of the Earth.

Overpowering Earth System

Francine McCarthy, a member of the site’s dedicated committee as a professor of earth sciences at Brock University in Canada, said there are several distinct signals that began around 1950 at Crawford Lake, showing that “human influence is overpowering the earth system.”

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