The arrest of 9 people, including 4 brothers of the murdered terrorist. Jordan reveals details of raid on Ma’an cell

The Jordanian Public Security Directorate has revealed details of the security raid to arrest the assassin of Colonel Abdul Razzaq Al-Dalabeh, who was killed in the Al-Husseiniyah area of ​​Ma’an governorate by terrorist bullets.

The Public Security Directorate mourned Captain Ghaith Qasim Al-Rahahleh, Lieutenant Moataz Musa Al-Najada and Corporal Ibrahim Atef Al-Shaqarin, who died in the cause of the homeland from treason and terrorism bullets.

The start of the raid

Management confirmed in a statement that a special security force this morning carried out a raid against a terrorist cell in thearea of Husseiniya in Ma’an Governorate, after the investigation carried out by the investigation team in charge of the martyrdom of Brigadier General Al Dalabeh brought suspicions to a group of brothers who carried the takfiri thought.

He added that special security forces have surrounded the place in where the suspects were located, as one of them, soon after the raid began, fired heavy shells from an automatic weapon at the force, and the rules of engagement were applied to him, killing three officers and members of the force , wounding 5 others and killing the terrorist who fired. .

terrorist and his brothers

The Directorate confirmed that the raid led to the arrest of 9 other people suspected of involvement in the case, including 4 brothers of the assassinated terrorist who shot against the force and three other children of one of them, along with two other people who they were with They were seized with a set of automatic firearms and a large amount of ammunition.

The investigation into the case of the killing of Brigadier General Al Dalabeh has confirmed, through information and prove gathered at the crime scene, that suspicion is limited to that group, most of whose members are of Takfiri extremist ideology.

The Directorate of Public Security has indicated that the investigations with the arrested are continuing and their course and results will be announced earlier until the case is referred to the judiciary.

The Directorate of Public Security said it relied on its duties to continue its efforts on the via of redemption, sacrifice and service to Jordan, and that the blood of the martyrs will only increase their strength and strength to continue our sacred duty and justice with the oath we have sworn.

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