The arrest of a former commander of the Revolutionary Guards, who revealed the circumstances of the killing of Mahsa Amini

Security forces raided the home of Mohammad Baqer Bakhtiar, the former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, arrested him and confiscated some of his belongings. There is no information yet on his whereabouts, according to the site web “Saham News” in Persian language.

Bakhtiar previously released an audio recording, in which he said Iranian authorities were trying to cover up the killing of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman who died last September while being held by the morality police in Tehran.

This former IRGC commander described the “Islamic Republic” as an “ambitious regime, in seeks power… who has no identity and is irresponsible,” and said Iranian authorities should immediately accept their responsibility for Mahsa Amini’s death and apologise.

Late last September, Bakhtiar unleashed a big-caliber surprise over Amini’s killing in a morality police station on September 16, which led to heated protests in course in the country.

Bakhtiar had announced that, according to the information received from the results of the medico-legal examinations, Amini had fallen in coma and had died from blows to the skull. She added that the girl’s damaged spleen was removed from her body, after she was transferred to “Kisra” hospital due to internal bleeding, to improve her condition, but she fell in coma due to skull injuries.

He also confirmed that this information “has been leaked from inside the system by people of good conscience,” he said.

Muhammad Baqer Bakhtiar was a senior commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards during the Iran-Iraq War and is considered one of the founders of the Revolutionary Guards Navy. He is married to journalist and women’s rights activist Fariba Daoudi Mohajer.

While divulging the circumstances of Mahsa Amini’s killing, Bakhtiar apologized to the people in quality of former commander of the Revolutionary Guards, and said: “I am ashamed, because during the periods in we were looking for ideals for the survival of this regime, we did not know that people would come who would take advantage of all the conquests of the people for themselves.” .

He criticized the Iranian regime’s policies, saying, “People go directly to the Supreme Leader. People don’t want you. Understand this matter.”