The arrest of an Iraqi who blackmailed his ex-wife with photos

Iraqi authorities on Monday announced the arrest of a man who had threatened his ex-wife to publish an intimate photo of her if she refused to pay him money.

In a statement released by the Interior Ministry – Anti-Crime Directorate of Baghdad it is stated that the police managed to “arrest a suspect for electronically blackmailing his ex-wife and threatening to publish his photos. private on social media unless she paid a sum of money in Baghdad, “according to the news site” Alsumaria News “. electronic blackmail from his ex-wife. “He continued:” A working group was immediately formed follow-up and, after investigation and information gathering, e in coordination with the complainant, a close ambush was organized and the accused in flagrant crime was arrested “.

A note states that “the accused, in conducting the investigation, frankly confessed to having sent the photos of his ex-wife and having blackmailed her”.

Iraq has recently been suffering from a worsening of the phenomenon of electronic extortion. The Community Police Directorate of the Interior Ministry has revealed 1950 cases of extortion in the past year, most of whose victims were women, including teenage girls and children under the age of fourteen. According to the latest statistics revealed by the global “We Or Social” center, the number of users of the social networking in Iraq in 2021 exceeded 28 million people, with an increase of 3 million and 350 thousand users compared to the previous year.